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Therese of Lisieux: God's Gentle Warrior
author/artist: NEVIN, THOMAS R
publisher: Oxford University Press
binding: HARDBACK
price: AU$70.95
Therese the Saint Who Loved Us
author/artist: CAVANAUGH ARTHUR
publisher: Paulist Press
binding: HARDBACK
price: AU$30.95
Thomas Aquinas
author/artist: TROUVE, MARIANNE
publisher: Pauline Books Media USA
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$24.95
Thomas More A Very Brief History
author/artist: GUY JOHN
publisher: SPCK
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$29.95
Thomas More A Very Brief History
author/artist: GUY JOHN
publisher: SPCK
binding: HARDBACK
price: AU$39.95
Through the Year with the Saints A Daily Companion for Private or Liturgical Prayer
author/artist: PENNINGTON M BASIL
publisher: Doubleday
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$27.95
To Live as Francis Lived A Guide for Secular Franciscans
author/artist: FOLEY L ET AL
publisher: Franciscan Media
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$28.95
To the Other Towns The Life of Blessed Peter Favre First Companion of St Ignatius
author/artist: BANGERT, WILLIAM V
publisher: Ignatius Press
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$29.95
Travels with My Brother The Journey of the Relic of St Francis Xavier during the Australian Pilgrimage of Grace 2012
author/artist: SHORTALL FR RICHARD
publisher: Freedom Publication
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$19.95
Treasury of Women Saints A Devotional Companion
author/artist: CHERVIN, RONDA
publisher: Servant Books
binding: PAPERBACK
price: AU$37.95
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