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Coming Home: Discipleship, Ecology and Everyday Economics
Category: Books > Theology > Environmental Theology
ISBN-10: 0648453723
ISBN-13: 9780648453727
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Price: AU$19.95
Description: Coming Home seeks to make a real and practical connection between faith, the way we live and the great ethical and environmental challenges of our time.

It takes seriously the ways in which the shape of our household economy – our work, leisure, consumption, investment and use of time – impact our relations with others, with the earth, and with God.

In Coming Home, Jonathan Cornford joins biblical theology with analysis of contemporary problems to help chart a practical, hopeful and life-giving path through troubled times.

Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal
Category: Books > Biographies > Lives of the Saints
Author/Artist: WRIGHT, WENDY
ISBN-10: 081982738X
ISBN-13: 9780819827388
Publisher: Pauline Books Media USA
Price: AU$24.95
Description: This is a recount of the extraordinary spiritual friendship between Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal.

Francis de Sales (1567-1622) was a priest, bishop, founder of Salesian spirituality, and a renowned spiritual director.

Jane de Chantal (1572-1641) was a wife, a mother a nun, and the founder of a religious community.

Kids Book of Prayers
Category: Books > Children > Children's Books
ISBN-10: 0819842109
ISBN-13: 9780819842107
Publisher: Pauline Books Media USA
Price: AU$31.95
Description: The Kid's Book of Prayers is a notebook as well as a prayer book, giving children space to express their own thoughts, feelings and prayers through writing or drawing.

Prayers for a safe journey or after a tough day at school sit alongside prayers for homeless persons and single parents, reminding children to "pray always" in the words of St. Paul.

Let's Talk about Truth: A Guide for Preachers, Teachers, and other Catholic Leaders in a World of Doubt and Discord
Category: Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Ministry Books
Author/Artist: GARRIDO, ANN M
ISBN-10: 1594719616
ISBN-13: 9781594719615
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$35.95
Description: Ann M. Garrido shares practical ways that preachers and others charged with moral and spiritual leadership in the Church can stop backing away from the topic and instead help Catholics recover the practice of truth as a way of life.

She explores truth as a multifaceted reality that serves four foundational roles in the Christian life as a way of:

• seeing the world
• forming good judgements
• communicating with others
• being in relationship.

Luke 10 Leadership: How to Succeed at Parish Ministry
Category: Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Ministry Books
Author/Artist: HENEY, DAVE
ISBN-10: 1594719470
ISBN-13: 9781594719479
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$31.95
Description: In Luke 10:5-9, Jesus instructs his disciples how to go about their ministry.

He tells them to: speak peace; eat and drink whatever is set before them; cure the sick and announce to the people that the kingdom is at hand.

No matter what your particular setting is--whether you are just beginning your ministry or starting out in a new place--this primer of pastoral skills and strategies offers simple, challenging and transformative lessons for you.

Margaret and the Pope Go to Assisi
Category: Books > Children > Children's Books
Author/Artist: SWEENEY JON M
ISBN-10: 1640601708
ISBN-13: 9781640601703
Publisher: Paraclete Press
Price: AU$21.95

New Testament for Everyone: With New Introductions, Maps and Glossary of Key Words
Category: Books > Bibles > Bibles
Author/Artist: WRIGHT, N T
ISBN-10: 0281083800
ISBN-13: 9780281083800
Publisher: SPCK
Price: AU$34.95
Description: This is a new rendering of ancient wisdom that can be read like a novel, studied in sections or used as an aid to daily devotion.

This New Testament is broken up into easy-to-read, bite-sized chunks and includes helpful introductions, informative maps and a substantial glossary of key words.

'A remarkable achievement. . . Tom Wright has a very attractive feel for English; and the mere fact of producing a fresh translation that is both scholarly and written in non-repellent language makes this work a major triumph.'
- Expository Times

Spiritual Conversations with Children: Listening to God Together
Category: Books > Family Life > Family Life
Author/Artist: BORGO LACY FINN
ISBN-10: 0830846697
ISBN-13: 9780830846696
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Price: AU$33.99
Description: When children have a listening companion who hears, acknowledges and encourages their early experiences with God, it creates a spiritual footprint that shapes their lives.

Lacy Finn Borgo offers an overview of childhood spiritual formation and introduces key skills for engaging conversation from a Christ-centred perspective.

Borgo writes. "Indeed, as you listen to God with a child, the child will lead you into a fuller experience of God's love and acceptance."
In this book you'll find:
  - Sample interactive dialogues with children
  - Ideas for engaging children with play, art, and movement
  - Prayers to use together
- Whether you are a parent or grandparent, pastor or spiritual director, you will find this to be a friendly guide into deeper ways of listening.

Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet
Category: Books > Psychology > Psychology Books
Author/Artist: HALIFAX, JOAN
ISBN-10: 1250101352
ISBN-13: 9781250101358
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Price: AU$26.99
Description: Over many decades, Joan Halifax has collaborated with neuroscientists, clinicians, and psychologists to understand how contemplative practice can be a vehicle for social transformation.

Incorporating the wisdom of Zen traditions and mindfulness practices and rooted in Halifax’s ground-breaking research on compassion, Standing at the Edge is a powerful guide on how to find the freedom we seek for others and ourselves.

It is a book that will serve us all.

Therese of Lisieux
Category: Books > Biographies > Lives of the Saints
Author/Artist: WALLACE, SUSAN
ISBN-10: 0819875139
ISBN-13: 9780819875136
Publisher: Pauline Books Media USA
Price: AU$24.95
Description: How does one become a saint and doctor of the Church by the age of twenty-four?

Saint Therese's life testifies that holiness doesn't require unusual deeds or huge sacrifices.

In this biography discover how Therese lived her ‘little way’ of holiness–a path of loving trust in God.
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