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A Saint Squad for Teachers: 45 Heavenly Friends to Carry You Through the School Year
Category: Books > Schools > Teacher Development
Author/Artist: AMY CATTAPAN
ISBN-10: 1646802438
ISBN-13: 9781646802432
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$39.95
Description: Every educator needs a friend to turn to when they are facing a rowdy classroom, challenging parent interactions, tense staff meetings, or even just the everyday demands of teaching.

Seasoned teacher Amy Cattapan recommends you form a posse of saintly mentors who are always there to offer inspiring examples and powerful intercession.

Amy introduces you to a team of forty-two diverse and relatable saints ready to lift you up and intercede for you during the twists and turns of the school year. By drawing from the stories and wisdom of these heavenly educators and holy mentors, you will flourish as a teacher and also tackle the highs and lows with renewed vigor and hope.

Emily Dickinson and the Art of Belief
Category: Books > Biographies > Biographies
Author/Artist: ROGER LUNDIN
ISBN-10: 0802821278
ISBN-13: 9780802821270
Publisher: Wm Eerdmans
Price: AU$47.99
Description: "Dickinson may well be the finest lyric poet America has yet produced - a fact that Lundin's learned and clear sighted study gives us further reason to know."
David Yezzi in Commonweal

Paying special attention to her experience of faith, Lundin relates her life, as it can be charted through her poems and letters,
to nineteenth-century American political, social, religious, and intellectual history.

Galatians: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture
Category: Books > Scripture > St Paul
ISBN-10: 0801049725
ISBN-13: 9780801049729
Publisher: Baker
Price: AU$35.95
Description: "Paul's Letter to the Galatians has long aroused the interest of readers because of the light it sheds on the early history of the Church, on Christian doctrine, and on the striking personality of its author." From the introduction

"Peter Williamson has rendered a great service to interpreters of Galatians with this translation and adaption of Cardinal Vanhoye's commentary on the letter..." Brendan Byrne, SJ. emeritus professor of New Testament, University of Divinity, Melbourne

The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture series relates Scripture to Christian life today, with features designed to help pastoral ministers, lay readers, and students understand the Bible more deeply and use it more effectively.

Reading Acts Theologically
Category: Books > Scripture > Scripture Series
Author/Artist: STEVE WALTON
ISBN-10: 0567702863
ISBN-13: 9780567702869
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: AU$59.99
Description: Steve Walton has consistently focused his research and scholarship upon the theological perspective of Acts.

This collection of essays begins with an exploration of what 'reading Acts theologically' means, the divine perspective of Acts, and how Luke theologises through narrative. Walton presents analyses covering the nature of the early Church and the main terms used by the communities; the believers' sharing of possessions; early Christian attitudes to the Jewish temple; decision-making among the earliest Christians; and the church's engagement with the Roman empire and its representatives.

The theological themes studied are Jesus' role as a character in the text, the cosmology and anthropology communicated that provides a new reflection on the early Christian understanding of God, Jesus and humanity.

Short Stories by Jesus Leader Guide: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi
Category: Books > Scripture > New Testament
Author/Artist: AMY JILL LEVINE
ISBN-10: 1501858181
ISBN-13: 9781501858185
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Price: AU$23.95
Description: Amy-Jill Levine takes the reader back in time and explains how original audiences understood Jesus' parables.

You'll learn how new interpretations of the parables continue to challenge and provoke contemporary readers two thousand years later.

In addition to the book, a Participant Guide, Leader Guide, and DVD are available for this six-week study.

The Forty Parables of Jesus
Category: Books > Scripture > New Testament
ISBN-10: 0814690351
ISBN-13: 9780814690352
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$55.95
Description: In this book, which covers all of Jesus' parables, Gerhard Lohfink takes a closer look at the origins of each one, its shape, its realistic details, but most of all its original message and the situation into which it was once spoken.

Jesus' parables speak in bold images of the kingdom of God, making it present to us as they reveal something of the mystery of his own person.

"....The Forty Parables of Jesus presents the content of Jesus' unique sayings mindful of the traditions that preserved, preached, and interpreted those parables. But Lohfink also provides the larger context in which parables, as provocative short stories with a twist, were heard, read, and understood. Lohfink has deftly written a well-exegeted and researched book that is at the same time eminently readable...."
Laurie Brink, OP, PhD, Professor of New Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union

The Gospel of Mark Leader Guide: A Beginner's Guide to the Good News
Category: Books > Scripture > Mark
Author/Artist: AMY JILL LEVINE
ISBN-10: 1791024858
ISBN-13: 9781791024857
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Price: AU$22.95
Description: The gospel message comes alive as Levine examines several of Jesus' most notable stories and parables.

Readers will see Jesus as divine and human, powerful and weak, approachable yet mysterious.

This comprehensive Leader Guide contains everything needed to guide a group through the study.

The Gospel of Mark: A Beginner's Guide to the Good News
Category: Books > Scripture > Mark
Author/Artist: AMY JILL LEVINE
ISBN-10: 1791024831
ISBN-13: 9781791024833
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Price: AU$25.95
Description: The gospel message comes alive as Levine examines several of Jesus' most notable stories and parables.

Readers will see Jesus as divine and human, powerful and weak, approachable yet mysterious.

The book illuminates the Gospel in its historical context and as a source for the other gospels.

Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity 4th Edition
Category: Books > Church > Church History
ISBN-10: 1540964884
ISBN-13: 9781540964885
Publisher: Baker
Price: AU$46.95
Description: Now in its fourth edition, this text presents Christianity as a worldwide phenomenon rather than just a Western experience.

The contents are organized around 14 key moments in church history, providing contemporary Christians with a fuller understanding of God as revealed through the centuries. The new edition includes a new preface, updates throughout the book, revised "further readings" for each chapter, new sidebar content, and study questions.

It also more thoroughly highlights the importance of women in Christian history. Turning Points is well suited to introductory courses on the history of Christianity as well as study groups in churches.

Bless the Earth: A Collection of Poetry for Children to Celebrate and Care for Our World
Category: Books > Children > Children's Books
ISBN-10: 0593577663
ISBN-13: 9780593577660
Publisher: Random House
Price: AU$45.00
Description: Bless the Earth shows the miracle of our planet Earth through imagery and poetry, calling all people to care for our wonderful world.

This anthology is suitable for children ages 3-7.
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