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Out of the Whirlwind: Innocent Pain as a Challenge to God
Author/Artist: ROBERTS, ADRIAN
ISBN-10: 1789590671
ISBN-13: 9781789590678
Publisher: Sacristy Press
Price: AU$29.95
Description: How can a merciful God allow suffering and evil to happen?

Inspired by the Book of Job, Out of the Whirlwind is a reflection on the challenge posed to the existence of a good and powerful God by the issue of innocent suffering. It takes the form of the author's reflections as he sits in a children's ward by the bedside of his disabled son, who is dangerously ill and may be about to die.

The reflections include personal reminiscence, a consideration of some traditional arguments along with objections to them, and a couple of dream sequences, at the end of which, like Job himself in the biblical tale, the narrator receives God's answer "out of the whirlwind".

Books > Children > Children's Books

Francis of Assisi: Keeper of Creation
ISBN-10: 0764823272
ISBN-13: 9780764823275
Publisher: Liguori Publications
Price: AU$13.95
Description: People liked to hear Saint Francis preach. He was kind, cheerful and always smiled. He preached about peace and forgiveness. People liked his simple life. His little group of followers preached and helped sick and poor people.

An illustrated early reader book, to help real stories come to life for children, ages 4 to 7.

Hope and Freckles: Fleeing to a Better Forest
Author/Artist: KILEY, BILL
ISBN-10: 1645432548
ISBN-13: 9781645432548
Publisher: Mascot Books
Price: AU$31.95
Description: Hope, a white-tailed deer, and her spotted fawn, Freckles, are facing hunger and danger in their forest. Hope decides that they must leave their home and go in search of a better place where they will be safe. When they arrive at a new forest, Hope and Freckles face unexpected challenges that will force them apart. Will they be reunited?

After you have read the story of Hope and Freckles, continue to explore the stories of people all over the world who have to leave their homes because of danger or hunger. Let the story begin to teach you about the difficulties faced by millions of people who are today's refugees.

Lift-the-Flap Atlas
ISBN-10: 1788689267
ISBN-13: 9781788689267
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids
Price: AU$24.99
Description: This interactive and colourful atlas takes young readers on a hands-on journey all around the world.

Each page turned brings a new continent to life with a total of more than 100 flaps to lift, beautifully detailed illustrations, and fun facts about different cultures, species of wildlife and places to visit along the way.

Every day is an adventure. Come explore - for children ages 6-8.

Books > Family Life > Family Life

The Best Is Yet to Come: Growing Older with Joy and Fulfillment
Author/Artist: DUQUIN, LORENE
ISBN-10: 1593253796
ISBN-13: 9781593253790
Publisher: Word Among US Press
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Do you wish your later years came with a manual?

While we all face fears about growing older, we can still approach our time and our relationships with faith, fun, and fulfillment. God gives us his grace to take risks and make decisions at this stage of our lives, with wisdom, peace, and joy.

Find out how your second half of life can be the best years yet!

Books > Gift Books > Gift Books

The Story of Painting: How Art was Made
Author/Artist: DK
ISBN-10: 0241335183
ISBN-13: 9780241335185
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Price: AU$39.99
Description: An original and beautiful perspective on how art developed through the ages, The Story of Painting reveals how new materials, techniques, and ideas inspired artists to innovate and create their greatest works.

From the first pigments and frescos to linear perspective in Renaissance paintings, the influence of photography, Impressionism, and the birth of modern art, The Story of Painting follows each step in the evolution of painting over the last 25,000 years, from the first cave paintings to the abstract works of the last 150 years.

Immerse yourself in this book and find yourself dazzled by new colours; marvel at the magic of perspective; wonder at glowing depictions of fabric and flesh; understand cubism; and embrace abstraction: it will transform your understanding and enjoyment of paintings.

Books > Liturgy > Liturgical Rites

A Parish Guide for Bereavement Ministry and Funeral Planning
ISBN-10: 1627853928
ISBN-13: 9781627853927
Publisher: Twenty Third Pub
Price: AU$39.95
Description: The death of a loved one is a shock, and planning a funeral can feel like a burden in a time of stress and grief.

Created for pastoral ministers, deacons, pastors, and parish leaders, this book is a helpful resource to pastorally accompany Catholic funeral planning, either in advance of, or after the death of a loved one. It is also a comforting planning tool for Catholics to have at home when facing aging or illness.

Keep copies of this essential resource to hand out to families after an anointing.

Books > Spirituality > Classics

Hildegard of Bingen: A Poetic Journey
ISBN-10: 1760417661
ISBN-13: 9781760417666
Publisher: Ginninderra Press
Price: AU$49.95
Description: 'Hildegard of Bingen was a woman of extraordinary creative expression and this book approaches her wisdom through the gift of poetry which allows us to move into a more intuitive space. It is a book to slow us down, that invites us to ponder, and calls us to follow Hildegard towards a growing greenness in our lives.'
- Christine Valters Paintner, PhD, REACE, Abbey of the Arts

"...What a superb and elaborate work! These nine books of poems by Australian poet Colleen Keating tell Hildegard's story in a stunning way...."
- Dr Annette Esser, Founder and President of the Scivias Institute for Art and Spirituality, Germany.

Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books

Spiritual Way: Classic Traditions and Contemporary Practice
ISBN-10: 0814644589
ISBN-13: 9780814644584
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$52.95
Description: Philip Sheldrake aims to make the wisdom of Christian spirituality better known to contemporary readers. After an introductory chapter on the foundations of Christian spirituality, Sheldrake describes its diverse riches through the centuries in terms of five distinctive types of Christian spiritual wisdom, illustrated by a selection of classical examples.

The five types are "The Way of Discipline," "The Contemplative-Mystical Way," "The Way of Practical Action," "The Way of Beauty," and "The Prophetic Way."

This book also briefly explores the contemporary interest in spirituality within and beyond conventional religion and suggests how we might engage with these five types on our spiritual journeys in today's world.

The Power of Mercy
ISBN-10: 0809154269
ISBN-13: 9780809154265
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$36.99
Description: The Power of Mercy is a meditation on the true meaning of mercy and how, when lived correctly, it effects changes in individuals and society as a whole.

Mercy is not a "weakness," as secular society might have it, but a powerful gift from God that lies at the heart of justice and informs our every action and attitude as Christians.
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