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A Millennial in Paradise: Carlo Acutis
Author/Artist: CONQUER, WILL
ISBN-10: 1644134845
ISBN-13: 9781644134849
Publisher: Sophia Inst Press
Price: AU$34.95
Description: Carlo is a sign of contradiction in the modern world who serves as a heroic model for today’s young people—a teenager who programmed computers and enjoyed films and comics yet lived as an authentic and sincere disciple of Christ. In these pages, you’ll discover how he embraced the Faith as a boy and developed the virtues necessary to live a Christ-centered life in a secular society.

When he developed leukemia, he offered his suffering both for Pope Benedict XVI and for the Catholic Church, saying: “I offer all the suffering I will have to undergo for the Lord, for the Pope, and the Church.”

Benedict XVI: A Life: Volume One: Youth in Nazi Germany to the Second Vatican Council 1927-1965
Author/Artist: SEEWALD, PETER
ISBN-10: 1472979192
ISBN-13: 9781472979193
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: AU$49.99
Description: Benedict XVI: Volume One offers insight into the young life and rise through the Church's ranks of a man who would become a hero and a lightning rod for Catholics the world over. Based on countless hours of interviews in Rome with Benedict himself, this much-anticipated two-volume biography is the definitive record of the life of Joseph Ratzinger and the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI.

Volume I follows the early life of the future Pope, from his days growing up in Germany and his conscription into the Hitler Youth during World War II to his career as an academic theologian and eventual Archbishop of Munich. Volume II, to be published in 2021, will cover his move to Rome under Pope John Paul II, his ascension to the papacy, and his controversial retirement and news-making statements under his successor, Pope Francis I.

This necessary companion to Benedict's own memoir, Last Testament, is the fullest account to date of the life of a radical Catholic leader who has continued to make news while cloistered in retirement in the Vatican gardens.

Blessed Carlo Acutis: 5 Steps to Being a Saint
ISBN-10: 1784696528
ISBN-13: 9781784696528
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK
Price: AU$14.95
Description: Carlo Acutis may have only been 15 when he died, but already he had learned how to live for Jesus. In this biography, discover the life of the computer geek who became the first millennial to be beatified by the Catholic Church.

Throughout his life, Blessed Carlo Acutis used five simple practices to increase in holiness.
The Mass, Adoration, Confession and spiritual guidance, befriending the Blessed Mother and the saints, and charity. These daily “appointments” led Carlo to a life of intimacy with Jesus and love for neighbour.

This biography also features colour photos of Carlo and a selection of his most inspiring quotes.

Books > Family Life > Family Life

Parental as Anything
Author/Artist: DENT, MAGGI
ISBN-10: 0733341799
ISBN-13: 9780733341793
Publisher: ABC Books
Price: AU$34.99
Description: A common-sense guide to raising happy, healthy kids, from toddlers to tweens

How much screen time should you let your children have? How and when do you talk about sex? What can you do when your kid throws a tantrum? Why should you let your children just play? Maggie Dent, has answers to your real-world parenting dilemmas.

This book will give you the means to be the parent you'd like to be, and help you in your quest to raise happy, healthy, thriving, resilient children.

Books > Scripture > John

Come to the Light: Reflections on the Gospel of John
Author/Artist: BYRNE, BRENDAN SJ
ISBN-10: 1925494721
ISBN-13: 9781925494723
Publisher: St Pauls Publications
Price: AU$22.95
Description: These profound and inspiring reflections on the Gospel of John will open to preachers, religious, and parish groups interested in Scripture, the treasures that the Fourth Gospel contains for the life of the world.

Brendan Byrne, SJ, draws on the insights in Life Abounding, his academic commentary on the Fourth Gospel, to enrich the understanding of non-scholars in Come to the Light.

Discussion questions provided at the end of each talk serve as a starting point for the reader’s personal contemplation.

Books > Scripture > Scripture Books

A History of the Bible
Author/Artist: BARTON, JOHN
ISBN-10: 0141978503
ISBN-13: 9780141978505
Publisher: Penguin Books
Price: AU$29.99
Description: The Bible is the central book in Western culture, yet extraordinarily there is no proper history of it. This exceptional work, by one of the world's leading Biblical scholars, provides a full account of how the different parts of the Bible came to be written; how some writings which were regarded as holy became canonical and were included in the Bible, and others were not; what the relationship is of the different parts of the Bible to each other; and how, once it became a stable text, the Bible has been disseminated and interpreted around the world. It gives full weight to discussion of the importance of the Tanakh (Old Testament) in Judaism as in Christianity.

It also demonstrates the degree to which, contrary to widespread belief, both Judaism and Christianity are not faiths drawn from the Bible texts but from other sources and traditions. It shows that if we are to regard the Bible as 'authoritative' it cannot be as believers have so often done in the past.

Books > Theology > Australian Society

Everything You Need to Know About the Uluru Statement from the Heart
ISBN-10: 1742237401
ISBN-13: 9781742237404
Publisher: New South Books
Price: AU$27.99
Description: On 26 May 2017, after a historic process of consultation, the Uluru Statement from the Heart was read out. This clear and urgent call for reform to the community from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples asked for the establishment of a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected in the constitution and a process of agreement-making and truth-telling. Voice. Treaty. Truth.

What was the journey to this point? What do Australians need to know about the Uluru Statement from the Heart? And how can these reforms be achieved?

Everything You Need to Know about the Uluru Statement from the Heart, written by Megan Davis and George Williams, two of Australia’s best-known constitutional experts, is essential reading on how our Constitution was drafted, what the 1967 referendum achieved, and the lead-up and response to the Uluru Statement. Importantly, it explains how the Uluru Statement offers change that will benefit the whole nation.
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