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The Gifts They Bring: How Children in the Gospels Can Shape Inclusive Ministry
ISBN-10: 066426834X
ISBN-13: 9780664268343
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Price: AU$39.95
Description: Children were central to Jesus' ministry, and they can and should be central to the ministry of the church of every age.

The Gifts They Bring challenges readers to reconsider ministry with children today, moving away from a transactional model of imparting wisdom to children to a dialogical model of learning and serving together with children. Through a rereading of familiar Gospel accounts, Amy Lindeman Allen celebrates children as a gift to the church of all ages and offers insight on the many gifts children themselves bring to ministry today.

Books > Psychology > Psychology Books

Sacred Self-Care: Daily Practices for Nurturing Our Whole Selves
ISBN-10: 0063287137
ISBN-13: 9780063287136
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Price: AU$29.99
Description: As a clinical psychologist, pastor, and activist, Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes has studied and worked with clients, clergy, seminary faculty, faith-based activists, and others to encourage them to think of self-care as both a divine right and a sacred obligation. She has developed a seven-week guide gathering activities, habits, disciplines, and practices that promote spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and relational wholeness.

Each day includes a story alongside short and simple prompts and scripture passages that help shift behaviors in the short term and create lifelong habits. Also included is an inventory for identifying areas on which to focus, and a "Rule of Life" guide to help direct self-care practice and maintain it throughout the year.

Inspiring and practical, Sacred Self-Care invites us on a journey to craft a sustainable self-care practice to care for our whole selves.

Books > Scripture > Scripture Books

Beginning with the Word: Modern Literature and the Question of Belief
Author/Artist: ROGER LUNDIN
ISBN-10: 0801027268
ISBN-13: 9780801027260
Publisher: Baker
Price: AU$39.95
Description: Roger Lundin offers a sophisticated theological engagement with the nature of language and literature. He conducts a sustained theological dialogue with imaginative literature and with modern literary and cultural theory, utilizing works of poetry and fiction throughout to prompt the discussion and focus his reflections.

The book is marked by a commitment to bring the history of Christian thought, modern theology in particular, into dialogue with literature and modern culture. It is theologically rigorous, widely interdisciplinary in scope, lucidly written, and ecumenical in tone and approach.

Women of the Bible: From Text to Image
ISBN-10: 0567703630
ISBN-13: 9780567703637
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: AU$59.99
Description: The Hebrew Bible and art reside at the core of this book, which analyzes the iconographic representation of several women of the Bible. The contributors consider the ways the biblical texts had been read and understood throughout time and the means by which they were represented.

Drawing upon disciplines such as theology, philology or history of art, the essays provide a cross-sectional, plural and rich approach. Through its focus upon iconographic representation, numerous visual cultures of the last millennium are explored, and special emphasis is placed upon several biblical women such as Bathsheba, Moses' mother, the Pharaoh's Daughter, Ruth, Naomi and Deborah, and their lasting influence upon Western art and culture.

This book pursues an understanding of the history of the transmission and reception of the Bible in general, and of the women of the Old Testament in particular.

Books > Scripture > St Paul

Paul, The Apostle of Obedience: Reading Obedience in Romans
Author/Artist: JASON A MYERS
ISBN-10: 0567705870
ISBN-13: 9780567705877
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: AU$59.99
Description: Jason A. Myers reconsiders the meaning and context of the phrase "the obedience of faith" in Rom 1:5. In contrast to previous studies that have nearly exclusively focused on the obedience language in light of the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple literature, Myers instead investigates how this language functioned within the Greco-Roman world, particularly in the discourse of the Roman Empire.

By studying both the Greco-Roman contexts and the use of obedience language during the Empire, Myers sheds fresh light on the meaning of "the obedience of faith," and concludes that such examination helps contemporary readers understand how Gentiles in Paul's audience would have heard and received the terms and images relating to obedience.

In addition, he argues that Paul's use of obedience language, both at the beginning and end of Romans (1:5; 15:18), serves as rhetorical bookends, and signals a theme that is central to Paul's purpose in Romans and integral to his calling as an apostle to the Gentiles.

Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books

A Gospel of Hope
ISBN-10: 1473686067
ISBN-13: 9781473686069
Publisher: Hachette Livre
Price: AU$24.99
Description: Beloved and respected by scholars, preachers, and laity alike, Walter Brueggemann offers penetrating insights on Scripture and prophetic diagnoses of our culture.

Instead of maintaining what is safe and routine, A Gospel of Hope encourages readers to embrace the audacity required to live out one's faith. This must-have volume gathers Brueggemann's wisdom on topics ranging from anxiety and abundance to partisanship and the role of faith in public life.

Aging Gratefully: A 30-Day Devotional for Women
ISBN-10: 1640702326
ISBN-13: 9781640702325
Publisher: Unknown
Price: AU$33.95
Description: Heather Creekmore offers humorous encouragement for women in 30 devotional readings that include prayer prompts and action steps for gratefulness in your current life stage.

With chapter titles like "Zippers, Snaps, and Other Annoyances" and "Why Did I Pick Up My Phone?," you will find reasons to laugh out loud, reminders to live abundantly, and a mindset that it's not a midlife crisis, it's a midlife celebration.

Books > Theology > Theology Books

No Irrelevant Jesus: On Jesus and the Church Today
ISBN-10: 0814684661
ISBN-13: 9780814684665
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$59.95
Description: Is Jesus relevant for today? If you think that Jesus might have something to say to today's world, which Jesus comes to mind? Is he "gentle Jesus, meek and mild," offering individual salvation but with no message for a suffering world? Is he to be remembered as a Zealot fighting for a hopeless cause or as an outstanding rabbi? Was he a prophet in the long series of Israel's prophets or a religious founder like Muhammad or Gautama?

Or was Jesus unique, a man utterly consumed by zeal for the reign of God, by the "fierce urgency of now," the leader of a movement dedicated to God's cause but committed to nonviolence and living for others? If we seek him, can we find him in the churches?

In No Irrelevant Jesus, Gerhard Lohfink, author of the acclaimed Jesus of Nazareth, explores these questions and offers a resounding yes to the relevance of Jesus today.
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