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However Long the Night Making Meaning in a Time of Crisis A Spiritual Journey of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious
Category: Books > Theology > Priesthood & Religious Life
ISBN / ID: 9781984984449
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing
Price: AU$39.95
Description: This book is a series of self-contained articles written by women religious who belonged to the organisation LCWR (Leaders of Congregations of Women Religious). The articles respond to the question of what the organisation learned as it went through a six-year doctrinal investigation by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). The book provides insight into how, the Catholic sisters who were leaders of LCWR during those years navigated the crisis. Such insights might be useful for anyone attempting to work through confrontation in today’s fractured world.

The authors not only explain how they led a large and complex organization through this difficult period, but with great transparency share how their own spiritual grounding helped them make this journey. Through the sharing of their own stories, the leaders describe methods, processes, and practices that are readily translatable for use by other individuals, communities, and organizations as they weather a crisis. The essays offer an inspiring witness to an alternate contemplative way of dealing with misunderstanding, conflict and disappointment. In a world that is often characterised by intolerance and polarisation we are presented with a way of listening, commitment to dialogue and respectful relationship that is born from real life experiences.

The book offers possible ways to engage with conflict at an organisational level. How to build relationships that cross divides? How to embody humility, while staying true to one’s mission, and operating with integrity? How to manage anger and respond with strategies that create peace? How to find truth in complex situations? How to handle media attention if the conflict becomes public?
Each chapter of this inspirational book includes questions for the readers’ own reflection. The questions can also serve as guides for book groups and discussion circles.

Recommended uses:
For those taking part in the Australian Plenary Council
For Parish Council Groups working out of a Shared Wisdom of Discernment Model
For Corporate Leadership Groups and Boards
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