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St Thomas More
Category: Books > Biographies > Lives of the Saints
Author/Artist: REYNOLDS, E E
ISBN / ID: 9781953746450
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing
Price: AU$44.95
Description: E.E. Reynolds has written a complete life of the saint based on primary source accounts, state papers and contemporary registers. He leaves no written source uncovered in drawing together the man who became one of the most famous men who gave his life for the rights of the Church.

Reynolds traces More's life and environs, as well as More's writings and poetry, to bring out the man and the hour in which he lived. There are lengthy studies of Richard III, Utopia, and The Dialogues which More wrote against heretics. Lastly, he concludes with a penetrating legal analysis of the reasons which brought More to the Tower and to beheading.

More comes to life as a real person, with wit and joy and above all passion, not the plaster saint of a second nocturne variety: a reason why More is one of the few and best known laymen to be canonized and remembered through the ages.
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