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The Life of Pope Leo XIII
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Author/Artist: O'REILLY, BERNARD
ISBN / ID: 9781953746122
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing
Price: AU$55.95
Description: The Life of Pope Leo XIII written by Fr. Bernard O'Reilly, while that Pope was alive, is based on a memoir furnished to him by the Holy See.

Fr. O'Reilly, making copious use of the Pope's Italian memoir, presents Gioacchomo Pecci, the future Leo XIII, in the midst of the dramatic and revolutionary changes affecting the Church in both Italy and all Europe in the 19th century.
More than just learning about Leo XIII, you learn about his time, the troubled days after the French Revolution. You see the future Leo XIII as Archbishop Pecci, fight the revolution in unwavering support for Pope Pius IX. This book is filled with many writings from Pope Leo XIII from his time as an Archbishop and Cardinal not seen by English language audiences since this book was first published.

Written in 1887, the book covers in great detail the life of the Pope from his youth and family life and concludes with another 16 years left to Pope Leo's papacy, yet it covers in remarkable detail the lesser known life of the "Light from the Heavens".
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