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Directory for Catechesis
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ISBN / ID: 9781925494532
Publisher: St Pauls Publications
Price: AU$29.95
Description: This new Directory for Catechesis represents the work of over 80 experts over 5 years. It reflects a dynamic renewal in catechesis and incorporates the magisterial wisdom of the most recent episcopal Synods and Pope Francisís apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium.

The Directory places catechetical instruction and formation of catechetical teachers clearly within the realm of evangelisation. It offers guidelines to assist in the creation of local directories and catechisms and clarifies the importance of catechetical renewal in Christian communities.

The Directory will be indispensable for bishops and those responsible for formal religious instruction, including priests, religious education teachers in dioceses, parishes, and schools. It will also aid directors of formation who train the faithful in the forms of catechesis, including seminary rectors, directors of formation for the permanent diaconate, and lay ecclesial ministers.
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