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Friendly Guide to the Book of Revelation
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ISBN / ID: 9781925073157
Publisher: John Garratt Publishing
Price: AU$29.95
Description: The Book of Revelation is the most challenging book in the New Testament and has puzzled believers from the earliest decades of the Christian Church. Francis Moloney has reframed the apocalyptic narratives that describe what will happen at the end of time, offering the reader new understanding and fascinating insights into a “new look” in Revelation studies.

"...Francis Moloney unravels for us one of the most complex books of the New Testament. His writing is clear and easy to follow. The focus of Revelation is not some future end-time calamity, but life right now, in the light of what has happened in Jesus. Moloney’s text calls us to joy in the present moment of God’s living presence among us". Mary Coloe, PBVM Associate Professor, Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne.

“Puzzling, attractive in some respects, dangerous in others, no book of the New Testament stands in greater need of a ‘friendly guide’ than Revelation. Armed with a fresh approach and decades of experience as scholar, teacher, and communicator, Francis Moloney traces a sure path through this work". Brendan Byrne, SJ Emeritus Professor, University of Divinity, Melbourne.
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