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A Church for All: A Guide to the Australian Plenary Council...and Beyond
Category: Books > Church > Church History
ISBN / ID: 9781922484239
Publisher: John Garratt Publishing
Price: AU$14.95
Description: In response to the Assembly of the Australian Plenary Council 20202022, the Australasian Catholic Coalition for Church Reform (ACCCR), a voice for lay Catholics with a network of 19 member organisations across Australia and New Zealand, convened a series of convocations to promote the Plenary and support its task of renewing the Church in Australia. The online convocations featured keynote speakers - such as Joan Chittister, Robert Fitzgerald, Debra Zanella, and John Warhurst along with a response to the Plenary agenda and concrete proposals for the Plenary Council.

These convocations, in turn, sparked the genesis for this reading guide A Church for All. The guide also features discussion questions that will provoke further reflection and is designed to be used either alone or with others.

This is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future of the Catholic Church.
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