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The Geese Flew Over My Heart: Poems for Prayer and Reflection
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Author/Artist: MCCRAVE, LYN
ISBN / ID: 9781789590173
Publisher: Sacristy Press
Price: AU$25.95
Description: This haunting and deeply personal collection of poems springs from the search for God in the pain and vulnerability of life, in the beauty of Creation, in the joy and sacredness of relationship and the pathos of loss, and in all the ordinary and challenging aspects of life. Lyn McCrave's poems, although personal, reflect our common longing for meaning in life, and our desire for union, for relationship.

The poems provide a glimpse into the inner heart and sacred space of the writer, revealing in a raw honesty her vulnerability and openness, and the peace that comes from trust and self abandonment. There is compassion and empathy with the suffering of others when sometimes all that can be done is to stand by them. But there is also hope in seeing life beyond this life, an eternal purpose.
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