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Priestly Ministry and the People of God: Hopes and Horizons
Category: Books > Theology > Priesthood & Religious Life
ISBN / ID: 9781626984615
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$49.95
Description: A group of leading Catholic scholars consider ways of transforming priestly ministry in response to a document created by a Boston College faculty seminar, "To Serve the People of God: Renewing the Conversation on Priesthood, and Ministry."

This book presents the hopes and horizons for the future of the priesthood in the Catholic Church.
ďAnd the people of God say: Amen! A brilliant practical theological examination of the Catholic priesthood. Both the process and the content of this book can lead us to a better future.Ē
- Kathleen A. Cahalan, Saint Johnís School of Theology and Seminary author, Introducing the Practice of Ministry.
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