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The Complete Cloud of Unknowing With The Letter of Privy Counsel
Category: Books > Spirituality > Classics
Author/Artist: JOHN-JULIAN
ISBN / ID: 9781612616209
Publisher: Tan Books
Price: AU$43.95
Description: Central to the Christian mystical tradition is the inspired work of the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing.

Intellect and emotion both fail in seeking God, who can only be encountered by rejecting all common earthly means in a “cloud of forgetting” and the discovery of Godself in the dark “cloud of unknowing” that can be pierced only with a “lance of longing love”.

This translation captures all of this beauty and complexity, without minimizing the nuances, all of which are explained with extensive introductions and accompanying notes.

Scholarly yet readable, learned yet spiritual. Professor Frederick S. Roden, Dept of English University of Connecticut
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