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When Trauma Wounds: Pathways to Healing and Hope
Category: Books > Psychology > Psychology Books
ISBN / ID: 9781506434254
Publisher: Fortress Press
Price: AU$35.95
Description: Those of us living at this time in the history of the human community either experience or witness trauma in varying degrees. Karen McClintock’s book explores in depth the issue of trauma and the wounds inflicted by it. As a psychologist McClintock is able to effectively combine psychological approaches with faith resources to improve recovery from trauma. She offers a clear definition of trauma and cites examples of it in a range of contexts. There is an urgency in dealing well with trauma because the soul wound which it inflicts can exacerbate if left untreated. The book familiarises the reader with trauma symptoms and healing strategies. It offers the capacity to transform pain and psychological wounds into responses that are life-giving.

Recommended uses

Caregivers and support persons to trauma victims
Pastors and Parish communities
Trauma victims
School counsellors
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