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Tilling the Church: Theology for an Unfinished Project
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
Author/Artist: LENNAN, RICHARD
ISBN / ID: 9780814667439
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$59.95
Description: God’s grace ‘tills’ the church, constantly refreshing the tradition of faith and prompting the discipleship that embodies the gospel.

Tilling the Church explores the possibilities for a more faithful, just, and creative church, one responsive to the movement of grace.

“This book is a work of zeal and passion for the life of the church. It is an ecclesial breath of fresh air dedicated to encouraging the generativity of the church, the necessity of conversion, the art of faithfulness, the gift of communal discernment, and more.”
Nancy Pineda-Madrid
Loyola Marymount University
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