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New Church, New Altar: A Commentary on the Order of Dedication of a Church and an Altar
Category: Books > Liturgy > Liturgy Books
Author/Artist: TURNER, PAUL
ISBN / ID: 9780814666593
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$49.95
Description: "Fr. Paul Turner has produced a wonderful commentary including rich historical references for a ritual that few people ever get to experience in person. Vicariously we can experience it through his writing."
Michael S. Driscoll, Professor Emeritus of Theology, University of Notre Dame

The book covers: laying the foundation stone, dedicating a church already in use, dedicating a new altar inside an older church, blessing a church to be used as a chapel or oratory, blessing an altar for a similar purpose, and the blessing of a chalice and paten.

Essential for any serious student of the liturgy and helpful to those planning any of these celebrations.
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