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Velveteen Principles a Guide to Becoming Real
Category: Books > Psychology > Psychology Books
ISBN / ID: 9780757302114
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Price: AU$35.00
Description: Inner beauty, the kind you can feel and others can see, is reached when you stop chasing false ideals and become the 'Real' person you are meant to be. This book is a guide to becoming ‘Real’ – ‘Real’ with ourselves, ‘Real’ with our hopes and desires, ‘Real’ with the people we love, and ‘Real’ with everyone else, too. Through the simple wisdom of a children's classic, it invites us to strip off the trappings of the object culture and remember the things that make us unique, happy and worthy of love. This book offers a safe and steady course toward peace, self-acceptance and true love. It will also set you back on the course to ‘Real’, and remind you that ‘Real’ is not how you are made; it is something inside of you. And once you are ‘Real’, things will never be the same.
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