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Seven Days to Freedom: Joining Up Connections in Creation
Category: Books > Theology > Environmental Theology
ISBN / ID: 9780232534856
Publisher: Darton Longman and Todd
Price: AU$45.00
Description: The biblical story of Creation is all about liberation. The Genesis narrative of the Six Days leads to its climax and its purpose in the Seventh Day, the Sabbath. The Sabbath is centred on the aims of creating a community of freedom, of shared resources of land and wealth, and of the overcoming of exclusion, and these priorities are affirmed by Jesus in his reclaiming of the Sabbath.

In ‘Seven Days to Freedom’, John Davies shows how this four-fold integrated process is essential to the biblical witness concerning Creation, and demonstrates how it is relevant to many contemporary concerns, including housing and land-tenure, slavery, climate-change, and education. Without such commitment to liberation, our understanding of Creation is weak and untrue to our Creator’s purpose.
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