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Ecological Spirituality

The changes that we must make to address the complex ecological crises today are unlikely to happen if we do not experience a spiritual revolution.>> more

Price: AU$49.95 (PAPERBACK)

First Belong to God: On Retreat with Pope Francis

"This is not a time to bunker down and lock our doors. I see clearly that the Lord is calling us out of ourselves, to get up and walk." from… >> more

Price: AU$29.95 (PAPERBACK)

The Afternoon of Christianity: The Courage to Change

Tomas Halik provides a poignant reflection on Christianity's crisis of faith. He offers a vision of the self-reflection, love, and growth necessary fo… >> more

Price: AU$32.95 (HARDBACK)

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Journeys of the Mind - A Life in History

Historian Peter Brown recounts his life and work, describing his efforts to recapture the spirit of late antiquity. As he and other scholars opened up… >> more

Price: AU$79.99 (HARDBACK)

The Word: On the Translation of the Bible

This book examines how saints, scholars and interpreters from antiquity to the present have negotiated the difficult task of producing usable versions… >> more

Price: AU$26.99 (PAPERBACK)

Redeeming Power: Exercising the Gift as God Intended

Catholic theologian Ann M. Garrido examines power not as a manipulative force but as Jesus understood it.

In Redeeming Power, Garrido helps to … >> more

Price: AU$39.95 (PAPERBACK)

Moving on Doesn't Mean Letting Go: A Modern Guide to Navigating Loss

Grief therapist Gina Moffa offers a compassionate take on loss. She acknowledges that grief is an unpredictable, non-linear journey and normalises the… >> more

Price: AU$36.99 (PAPERBACK)

This is our Faith: An Introduction to Catholicism

This Is Our Faith offers a concise outline of the Catholic faith based on the Apostles' Creed. This new edition provides more recent developments of t… >> more

Price: AU$48.95 (PAPERBACK)

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