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Baby Book Journal
Category: Books > Gift Books > Gift Books
ISBN-10: 0745968880
ISBN-13: 9780745968889
Publisher: Lion Publishing
Price: AU$24.99
Description: The first year of your baby's life can be a whirlwind of new feelings and challenges, and it can be hard to cope with all your new responsibilites. This journal will help you organise your day, so you can relax and enjoy your new baby. It provides a place to journal your experiences, your memories and to track your baby’s development. More than a record book, it contains checklists, charts, and practical advice for you to refer to at every stage of your story.

Business Francis Means Understanding the Pope's Message on the Economy
Category: Books > Church > Church History
Author/Artist: SCHLAG MARTIN
ISBN-10: 0813229731
ISBN-13: 9780813229737
Publisher: Catholic University of Am
Price: AU$55.00
Description: Pope Francis, generally speaking, has thus far chosen to concentrate his papacy on social justice issues, as opposed to doctrinal or liturgical issues. This has led to Francis being hailed as a hero to many on the left, while it has made some conservative supporters of St. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI disappointed and uncomfortable, even as they love and appreciate his person and gestures of mercy and compassion. Some find his teachings difficult to embrace, especially those concerning business and the economy. Pope Francis has spoken of building bridges as part of what it is to be Christian, but aspects of his message seem to be just constructing walls between the Holy Father and groups of the faithful.

The Business Francis Means aims to break through these walls, showing that Pope Francis has something to say to all Christians. His message, taken as a whole, keeps us from dividing the "seamless garment" of Christ: he reminds the conservatives of the problems of inequality and poverty, and the liberals that social justice is not enough - the Church is the bride of Christ, not a social institution or an NGO.

Monsignor Martin Schlag summarizes and explains the message of Pope Francis on business and the economy in this compact volume. The Business Francis Means will be of great interest to the Catholic layperson, especially one involved in political or economic life.

Catherine of Siena A Life of Passion and Purpose
Category: Books > Biographies > Lives of the Saints
ISBN-10: 0809153416
ISBN-13: 9780809153411
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$45.95
Description: Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) has been a doctor of the church since 1970. History recalls that she was outspoken, as well as being a mystic, visionary, and prophet. This is a portrait of a driven women who never ceased giving her life for her faith and the well being of humanity. What results is a real life portrait of a woman who experienced monumental crises such as the black plague, the Hundred Year War, internecine fighting in Italy, and papal exile in Avignon. This tertiary Dominican, who did not know how to read or write, became the confidant and critic of the powerful: princes, kings, bishops, and popes.

The author, an eminent medievalist, brings this extraordinary woman alive in this fascinating spiritual and historical biography.

Catholic Church Through the Ages a History REVISED SECOND EDITION
Category: Books > Church > Church History
Author/Artist: VIDMAR JOHN
ISBN-10: 0809149044
ISBN-13: 9780809149049
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$49.95
Description: The Catholic Church through the Ages, now in its second edition, is a one-volume survey of the history of the Catholic Church from its beginning until, and including, the pontificate of Pope Francis. This book explains the Church's progress by using Christopher Dawson's division of the Church's history into six distinct "ages", or 350-400 year periods of time, each cycle beginning with great enthusiasm and advancement and ending in decline and loss.

Writing with the experience of thirty years of teaching, the author has emphasised such areas as monasticism, the Crusades, medieval theology, the Inquisition, Reformation, French Revolution, the nineteenth century, and the Church in the United States. And he has added material on John Henry Newman, the Catholic literary revival that took place in several countries in the early twentieth-century, and the last three popes.

As a supplement to each chapter, the author has updated the recommended readings and bibliography, as well as the audiovisual materials.

Change Your Thinking THIRD EDITION
Category: Books > Psychology > Psychology Books
Author/Artist: EDELMAN SARAH
ISBN-10: 0733332242
ISBN-13: 9780733332241
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Price: AU$32.99
Description: Change Your Thinking is a useful guide to managing upsetting emotions by learning to think in a healthy and balanced way. It provides practical strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and behaviours, and taking control of emotions such as anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and guilt. It also describes techniques for enhancing self-esteem, improving communication skills and developing greater personal happiness.

Change Your Thinking is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the psychological approach used by therapists worldwide. Sarah Edelman explains CBT in a clear and compassionate way. This edition also contains a brand new chapter on mindfulness, demonstrating how mindfulness techniques can be integrated with CBT strategies.

Christians Muslims and Mary A History
Category: Books > Church > Interfaith Dialogue
ISBN-10: 0809153289
ISBN-13: 9780809153282
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$43.99
Description: Views of Mary's role in Christian-Muslim relations throughout history have constantly shifted back and forth from bridge to barrier and back again. This book focuses on history, and the use (sometimes polemical, sometimes irenic) of Mary as either a bridge or barrier between Islam and Christianity. It is NOT a comparative theology of Mary in both traditions; rather it focuses on how Mary has functioned within the Christian theology of Islam over time and, to a lesser degree, in the Islamic theology of Christianity.

Christology of Religions
Category: Books > Church > Church History
ISBN-10: 1626982813
ISBN-13: 9781626982819
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$49.95
Description:   In his latest book, Gerald O’Collins SJ adopts the person and saving work of Christ as the master key for organizing themes commonly treated by theologies of religion. But he does so through the lens of Christology to examine important themes that these theologies typically ignore: the relevance of the theology of the cross for thinking about “the others”; the impact of Christ’s priesthood on all men and women of all places and times; the efficacy of prayer for “the others” inspired by love; and the nature of faith available for these “others.”

This “Christology of religions,” O’Collins argues, can help break the current stalemate widely affecting the theology of religions, and breathe new life into thinking about religious “others."

It's Ok to Start with You
Category: Books > Psychology > Psychology Books
ISBN-10: 1681922053
ISBN-13: 9781681922058
Publisher: OSV
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Self-care is often misunderstood in our society. Far too many us us dismiss it as selfish pampering, and the results can be devastating for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Real self-care is anything but self-indulgent. It is an essential discipline, rooted in the reality of who we are as God's beloved children.

In It’s OK to Start with You, therapist Julia Marie Hogan, LCPC, makes the case for making self-care a priority, beginning with reclaiming your own worth. Based on her practice as a therapist, she offers deep insights into the reasons why we neglect to take care of ourselves and provides needed tools to change our habits of thinking and acting so we can show up fully in our lives and relationships. Readers learn the life-changing power of practicing kindness toward yourself, using Catholic teaching, writings of the saints and the latest social science research.

Love Henri PAPERBACK Letters on the Spiritual Life
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN-10: 052557395X
ISBN-13: 9780525573951
Publisher: Convergent Books
Price: AU$33.95
Description: Love, Henri consists of over a hundred letters that stretch from the earliest years of Henri's career up through his last 10 years at L'Arche Daybreak. Rich in spiritual insights the letters highlight a number of themes that emerged in both Henri's work over the years, including vocation, solitude, prayer, suffering, and perseverance in difficult times.

These deeply spiritual letters, sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, shed light on the sacred longings of the human heart. From one of the great spiritual teachers of our age, they offer not only wisdom but practical insight into what it really means to live and lead an authentic spiritual life.

Risk of Hope How to Talk about God in the World Today
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
ISBN-10: 1626982821
ISBN-13: 9781626982826
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Gathered here are selected talks by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, delivered to seminary graduates on pastoral, theological, and mission themes. Whatever the subject, he conveys an authority that is rooted not just in learning but in lived experience, intimacy with the Gospel, and intimacy with his people. In “The Risk of Speaking of God,” he reflects on the difference it makes whether we speak of God in a church, in a seminary, or among the poor and forgotten ones.

Cardinal Tagle's message is directed to the global church. With Pope Francis, he shares a message of joy and compassion, recalling the church to a mission of mercy in a wounded world.
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