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Books > Biographies > Biographies

Disturbing the Dust Notes From the Margins
Author/Artist: HERBERT TONY SJ
ISBN-10: 0648109208
ISBN-13: 9780648109204
Publisher: Jesuit Publications
Price: AU$30.00
Description: An Australian Jesuit’s reflection of life in India. Fr Herbert has lived in India’s Hazaribag Province for more than five decades, and since 1980 has worked among India’s disenfranchised Dalit people. As a social activist he has advocated for the Dalits in criminal, educational, health and land rights disputes, and exploitation by coal mining and logging companies.
In Disturbing the Dust Fr Herbert recounts some of his many experiences during his years as a missionary, and reflects on their role in shaping both the Dalits’ world and his. Disabused of the romanticism of poverty, he relates his experiences as a Jesuit immersed in the lives of India’s poorest, most marginalised caste. He acknowledges both the inroads that he has made over many long decades of work, and the failures he’s weathered. Perhaps most poignantly, he tackles the many ways in which his ministry has shaped him and his idea of church and faith. Ultimately, Disturbing the Dust is a book that gives witness to the Dalit’s struggle, and strips away the reader’s own status to reveal in all of us a “common human poverty”.

Books > Biographies > Lives of the Saints

Gospel According to St Therese A Faith-Sharing Guide
ISBN-10: 159325315X
ISBN-13: 9781593253158
Publisher: Word Among US Press
Price: AU$23.95
Description: Therese of Lisieux is one of the most popular saints of our time and for good reason. As Pope St. John Paul II wrote when declaring her a doctor of the Church, Therese's little way is nothing other than the gospel way of holiness for all. In this faith-sharing guide, Br. Joseph Schmidt helps readers understand Therese's message through the Scripture passages that illuminated her insights about God and his merciful love. Each of the seven sessions features one or more passages from Scripture as well as excerpts from Therese's writings that allude to those passages. Thoughtful commentary and questions for reflection follow, enabling us to discover how our own relationship with the Lord might be transformed by the Little Way of St. Therese.
Suitable for both individuals and small groups

Books > Church > Interfaith Dialogue

Future of Interreligious Dialogue A Multireligious Conversation on Nostra Aetate
ISBN-10: 1626982457
ISBN-13: 9781626982451
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$79.95
Description: Drawn from a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the landmark Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate (“Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions”), this multi-
perspec­tive collection of essays by the world’s leading scholars of theology and interreligious dialogue brings new ferment to the field of interreligious understanding.
In addition to the editors, contributors in­clude (among others) John T. Thatamanil, John Borelli, Jeannine Hill Fletcher, Roger Haight, John Pawlikowski, Dwight Hopkins, Shira Lander, and Sallie B. King.
"This superb volume opens new horizons on dialogue between and among religious traditions. The authors situate Nostra Aetate in a global context, respecting what this 1965 document inspired while transdending its limits. Every essay sparkles with insight and deep learning. An exceptional book: bod, creative, and visionary."
Mary C. Boys, SNJM, Union Theological Seminary

Books > Church > Pope Francis

Works of Mercy
Author/Artist: POPE FRANCIS
ISBN-10: 1626982368
ISBN-13: 9781626982369
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$31.95
Description: The theme of mercy has been a signature of the pontificate of Pope Francis, a theme rooted in the message of Jesus, who tied our salvation to the treatment of the least of our brothers and sisters: “I was hungry and you fed me… Imprisoned and you visited me....” In reflections drawn from his writings and preaching, Pope Francis treats in turn each of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.
Each topic opens a window on a larger theme. For example, under “Welcoming the stranger,” Pope Francis reflects on the plight of refugees and immigrants. His reflections on “Visiting the prisoner” are set in the context of his own pastoral visits to prisons, where he asks the question: “Who is this man standing before you? The man standing before you is a man who has experienced forgiveness. A man who was, and is, saved from his many sins. That is who I am.”

Books > Devotional > Devotional Books

Sacred Reading The 2018 Guide to Daily Prayer
ISBN-10: 1594717737
ISBN-13: 9781594717734
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$34.95
Description: This prayer book from the Apostleship of Prayer (The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network) engages readers with the daily scripture readings and introduces Catholics and other Christians to the traditional spiritual devotion known as the lectio divina, or "sacred reading," in a new way.

Sacred Reading: The 2018 Guide to Daily Prayer guides you through the Church's daily gospel readings, as well as readings for solemnities and feast days, asking you to
* know that God is present;
* read the gospel;
* notice what you think and feel;
* pray for yourself and others;
* listen to Jesus; and
* ask God to show you how to live today.
Beginning with the first Sunday in Advent and continuing through the entire Church year, this book is a catalyst for an intimate encounter with Christ by reading, reflecting, praying, and responding to the Word of God in a way that is both familiar and fresh.

Books > Liturgy > Homiletics

Living Liturgy YEAR B 2018 For Sundays and Solemnities
ISBN-10: 0814647227
ISBN-13: 9780814647226
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$35.95
Description: Living Liturgy is a comprehensive go-to guide for preparing Sunday liturgy. This 2018 edition provides completely new content by a fresh team of expert authors. What you have is practical, sound, and inspiring preparation for your parish ministry.

This annual resource is ideal for parish ministers, liturgists, pastors, planning committees, and RCIA programs. It offers the week's Sunday readings plus insightful reflections and background for parish ministers. Engaging new art by three artists complements the text. Written completely fresh each liturgical year, Living Liturgy gives your team members the spiritual preparation they need to become ministers of the liturgy.

Living Liturgy integrates daily living, prayer, and study in one. It is an indispensable guide that deepens and strengthens the worship experience for the whole parish. It includes featured liturgical texts, supports for ministry, and utility features.
Featured Liturgical Texts:
— Collect
— Gospel Acclamation
— Gospel
— Responsorial Psalm
— First Reading
— Second Reading

Books > Psychology > Ageing

To Grow in Love A Spirituality of Ageing Dying and Glory
Author/Artist: GROGAN BRIAN SJ
ISBN-10: 1910248525
ISBN-13: 9781910248522
Publisher: Messenger Publications
Price: AU$42.95
Description: Growing in love is not something we can do on our own; it doesn't just happen to us as ageing does. In our later years, when our hearts and minds are mellowing, perhaps we can imitate God (the same way we imitated our parents when we were young) to grow more fully in his love. Life can be hard, and old age can be very hard indeed. In times of hardship we often ask, "where is God?" God comes to us disguised as a parent, a sibling, friend, teacher, spouse, co-worker, stranger, helper, nurse. In the love and goodness of others, we meet the selfless love and goodness of God. Equally when we show love to others, we show them God's love.
This book addresses primarily those who know ageing from the inside, but if you haven't yet entered that strange world, knowledge of its landscape may help you relate more richly to those who have, and help in your own journey towards that "Third Age."

Books > Spirituality > Classics

Four Women Doctors of the Church Hildegard of Bingen Catherine of Siena Teresa of Avila Therese of Lisieux
Author/Artist: MALONE MARY T
ISBN-10: 1626982406
ISBN-13: 9781626982406
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$31.95
Description: Four women have been recognised by the Vatican as Doctors of the Church and thus form a part of the magisterium (authentic teaching) of the Roman Catholic Church. Here, theologian Mary T. Malone adeptly explores the stories of these visionaries, introducing us to the wisdom of the formidable Hildegard of Bingen; the all-encompassing compassion of Catherine of Siena; the groundbreaking writings of Teresa of Ávila; and finally, the heartfelt “Little Way” of the much-loved Thérèse of Lisieux.
This timely and engrossing work brings to life the trials and triumphs of these inspiring women, whose bravery and intellectual prowess opened the door for new discussions on the role of women in the Church.

Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books

Consenting to God as God Is
ISBN-10: 1590565290
ISBN-13: 9781590565292
Publisher: Lantern Books
Price: AU$29.99
Description: Between January 2007 and April 2009, Trappist monk Fr. Thomas Keating met in Miami for several days each year with members of the council for Extension Contemplativa Internacional, the Spanish and Portuguese branch of Contemplative Outreach, the organization he helped established three decades ago to promote the revival of the Christian mystical tradition.
Consenting to God as God Is, collects the intimate talks and daily presentations on various aspects of the spiritual journey. The book's title describes the most fundamental exercise of Christian faith. This exercise recognizes the illusory character of our past ideas of God and gives birth to a new understanding that leads to a deep conversion of heart. Along with centering prayer, we consent and surrender to God's presence and action within as our primary and often repeated intention in all our activities.
Oriented toward people who have been practicing centering prayer for several years, Consenting to God as God Is, is addressed primarily to those with some personal experience of the spiritual journey and especially to those engaged in some form of contemplative service.

Course in Christian Mysticism
Author/Artist: MERTON THOMAS
ISBN-10: 0814645089
ISBN-13: 9780814645086
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$33.95
Description: A Course in Christian Mysticism gathers, for the first time, the best of Merton's lectures to the young monastics at the Abbey of Gethsemani, together into a spiritual, historical, and theological survey of Christian mysticism, from St. John's gospel to St. John of the Cross. Sixteen centuries are covered over thirteen lectures. A general introduction sets the scene for when and how the talks were prepared and for the perennial themes one finds in them, making them relevant for spiritual seekers today.
This compact volume allows anyone to learn from one of the twentieth century's greatest Catholic spiritual teachers. The study materials at the back of the book, including additional primary source readings and thoughtful questions for reflection and discussion, make this an essential text for any student of Christian mysticism.

Recommended uses for this book:
  Personal growth and development in prayer and the spiritual life.
  Formation in Religious Communities.
  Christian meditation communities.
  Students of theology.
  Teachers in Catholic Schools committed to their ongoing personal faith and spiritual formation.
 Adult faith groups especially those formed in Parishes.
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