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Books > Children > Children's Bibles

Children of the Bible
ISBN-10: 0745978290
ISBN-13: 9780745978291
Publisher: Lion Publishing
Price: AU$22.95
Description: An elegantly illustrated collection of favourite Bible stories with an interesting twist. Margaret McAllister imaginatively retells these tales from the point of view of the children involved. Alida Massari's illustration style, inspired by ancient art and architecture and full of grace and sophistication, is perfectly suited to the book. A beautiful and informative title.

Books > Children > Children's Books

God's Big Plan
ISBN-10: 1947888064
ISBN-13: 9781947888067
Publisher: Flyaway Books
Price: AU$32.95
Description: The world is full of so many different things: animals, plants, foods, languages, people. But it might not have been that way if it weren't for God's big plan . . .
This vibrant picture book illuminates a new understanding of the story of Babel in Genesis, revealing God's plan for wonderful diversity throughout the world. God's Big Plan includes a note for parents and educators.

Ignatius of Loyola
ISBN-10: 0809167832
ISBN-13: 9780809167838
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$22.99
Description: A comic book format of the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, told simply, yet elegantly, accompanied by eye-catching, modern illustrations. The text does not demand any previous knowledge of his life and may be used in groups, individually, or for prayer. Everyone can come away with spiritual benefits and life lessons in learning about Ignatius's life, making it especially inviting in its colorful, distinctive format. Ages 10 and up.

Window on the World An Operation World Prayer
ISBN-10: 1781283680
ISBN-13: 9781781283684
Publisher: Candle Books
Price: AU$41.95
Description: Gain an insight into the culture, history and traditions of many different people around the world with this photographic A-Z world prayer resource. With "Fact Files" and "Do You Know?" features, each country provides information, true stories, maps, and easy-to-use prayer points that take you into homes around the world. See how children live, what they like to do, where they go to school, what they eat and wear, and what they hope and dream. Key feature spreads about homeless children, missionary kids and refugees, and an additional section on World Religions.

Books > Documents > Church Documents

Christus Vivit: Christ Lives Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation to Young People
Author/Artist: POPE FRANCIS
ISBN-10: 1925494381
ISBN-13: 9781925494389
Publisher: St Pauls Publications
Price: AU$9.95
Description: For young people today, trying to find a path to holiness in a hostile world is increasingly difficult. Last year, the Church held a Synod on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment, where Bishops from across the world gathered to discuss this issue. Now Pope Francis shares this Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation in the form a Letter to Young People and to the Entire People of God.

Written to inspire young people in their faith, the Pope writes in an engaging and highly readable way, drawing from young saints and biblical figures, and even the youth of Jesus himself to remind them, and the entire Christian faithful, that their voice must be listened to.

Yet the Pope also has some guidance to offer young people, exploring vocation discernment and encouraging friendship with Jesus. He additionally addresses the Church as a whole, reminding us of the youthfulness the Church should embody, while also considering how to renew youth ministry and emphasising the importance of attracting young people to the Church.

This is an important document to be read by anyone, young people, those involved in youth ministry, and all those who wish to help pave the way to a mission-focused Church that keeps her ears open to the fresh voices and ideas of young people.

Books > Family Life > Family Life

Raising Readers: How to Nurture a Child's Love of Books
Author/Artist: DALEY MEGAN
ISBN-10: 0702262579
ISBN-13: 9780702262579
Publisher: University of Queensland
Price: AU$27.95
Description: Some kids refuse to read, others won't stop, not even at the dinner table! Either way, many parents question the best way to support their child's literacy journey. When can you start reading to your child? How do you find that special book to inspire a reluctant reader? How can you tell if a book is age appropriate? What can you do to keep your tween reading into their adolescent years?

Award-winning teacher librarian Megan Daley has the answers to all these questions and more. She unpacks her fifteen years of experience into this personable and accessible guide, enhanced with up-to-date research and first-hand accounts from well-known Australian children's authors. It also contains practical tips, such as suggested reading lists and instructions on how to run book-themed activities.

Raising Readers is a must-have guide for parents and educators to help the children in their lives fall in love with books.

Books > Gift Books > Gift Books

Little Acts of Kindness
ISBN-10: 1911517716
ISBN-13: 9781911517719
Publisher: Unknown
Price: AU$16.99
Description: There are proven benefits to being able to give pleasure or joy, whether to ourselves or to others. Not only are we happier when we are kind, but we can actually help increase longevity in our own lives when we help to better the lives of those around us, whether family or community. These books are packed with suggested acts of kindness, bravery or self-care to help yourselves and other people, whether strangers or those we love, and how to go about them, from the very small to the undeniably huge. With space to note your own acts and their outcome, these little books are a great way to start being the person you always wanted to be.

Books > Liturgy > Homiletics

Preaching from the Old Testament
ISBN-10: 1506458556
ISBN-13: 9781506458557
Publisher: Fortress Press
Price: AU$37.95
Description: In this new volume, prolific scholar Walter Brueggemann seeks to show Christian preachers how to consider the faith witnessed in several Old Testament traditions and to help them discover rich and suggestive connections to our contemporary faith challenges. The author also assumes that a wholesale sustained engagement with the Old Testament is worth the effort for the preacher. He recognizes what he calls the "sorry state" of Old Testament texts in the Revised Common Lectionary, which he claims often constitute a major disservice for the church and its preachers. The lectionary gerrymanders the Old Testament to make it serve other claims, most of the time not allowing it to have its own evangelical say.

Brueggemann hopes that his exposition in this volume will evoke and energize fresh homiletical attention to the Old Testament, precisely because he believes the urgent work of the gospel in our society requires attentive listening to these ancient voices of bold insistent faith.

Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Ministry Books

Go, Set the World on Fire: A New Evangelisation
Author/Artist: BARKER, KEN
ISBN-10: 1925501930
ISBN-13: 9781925501933
Publisher: Connor Court Publishing
Price: AU$24.95
Description: This book provides a compelling vision for the Church’s mission in the 21st Century. Fr Ken offers a comprehensive, practical, highly readable manual on the principles and strategies for the new evangelisation. This is a must read for all Catholics committed in their faith and concerned for the way ahead.

“an inspiring resource for all those serious about understanding and implementing the new evangelisation. A challenge to make a personal response to the mission entrusted to us in our baptism.” - Shayne Bennett, Founder of NET ministries Australia

“helpful short explanations of the meaning and importance of the charisms, the kerygma, healing, dialogue, intercession and the qualities of the evangelists needed today for the new evangelisation.” - Archbishop Christopher Prowse, Canberra

“a clear and engaging book on the new evangelisation. I strongly recommend it for all educators
and Church leaders as a foundational formation tool for ministry and mission'.” - Peter Woods, Director of Teacher Faith Formation ACU and founding Director of CSYMA

Books > Scripture > Matthew

The Gospel According to Matthew, Part Two
Author/Artist: REID, BARBARA E
ISBN-10: 0814664334
ISBN-13: 9780814664339
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Beginning with the Transfiguration of Jesus in chapter 17:1, the Gospel of Matthew continues to reveal through Jesus' teachings what it means to be a disciple. This second part of the study of Matthew reveals a growing tension as Jesus ministers around Jerusalem, is arrested, crucified and rises to new life. Revealed as Emmanuel (God with us) at the start of the Gospel, Jesus will promise his continuing presence as the disciples are commissioned at the close of the Gospel. Commentary, study and reflection questions, prayer and access to recorded lectures are included.
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