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Conscience before Conformity Hans and Sophie Scholl and the White Rose
ISBN-10: 0852448430
ISBN-13: 9780852448434
Publisher: Gracewing
Price: AU$36.95
Description: Conscience before Conformity tells the story of German students who dared to speak out against Hitler and the Third Reich, and died for their beliefs. Operating under the name of the White Rose, they printed and distributed leaflets condemning Nazism and urging Germans to offer non-violent resistance to the ‘atheistic war machine’.

By looking at the cultural and religious journey of the protagonists, Hans and Sophie Scholl, we can see what made them change from active participants in the Hitler Youth to leaders of the White Rose resistance. These modern-day heroes were deeply influenced by intellectuals they met in secret, and by the writings of great Christian thinkers such as St Augustine, Pascal, Georges Bernanos, and Bl. John Henry Newman. What they learnt gave them the strength to put their consciences before conformity to the Nazi lie.

Books > Children > Children's Books

Fill a Bucket A Guide to Daily Happiness for Young Children
ISBN-10: 0996099972
ISBN-13: 9780996099974
Publisher: Bucket Fillers
Price: AU$17.95
Description: The day you were born was a very happy day. You are a special gift. Everyone was so happy to see you. But, there was one part of you that they could not see. It was your bucket, your invisible bucket. While using a simple metaphor of a bucket full of hearts and stars, authors Carol McCloud and Katherine Martin, illustrate in the sweetest of ways, that we are all born with an invisible bucket and that our bucket holds all of our good thoughts and feelings. This book highlights the many ways that families and caregivers use to fill the buckets of children but also gives young children simple ideas on how to BE a bucket filler as well.

This 24-page picture book is a tool for children, parents, grandparents, teachers and people who want to teach empathy, nurture kindness and create a positive environment in their home, classroom, workplace and community.

Happiness is
ISBN-10: 0735841799
ISBN-13: 9780735841796
Publisher: North-South Books
Price: AU$24.99
Description: This children's book celebrates happiness in its simpliest form. From a winter snowflake melting on your tongue, to jumping in a pile of autumn leaves, to being kissed on the nose by a warm sunbeam, it celebrates happy moments shared by two friends across the seasons.

Marcus Pfister's print-style illustrations capture the feelings of joy through a rainbow of colors and textures.

Marvelous Mustard Seed
ISBN-10: 0664262759
ISBN-13: 9780664262754
Publisher: Flyaway Books
Price: AU$29.99
Description: Based on Jesus' parable of the Mustard Seed, this inspiring children's book shows young readers that one tiny seed, just like one small child, carries a world of potential. Accompanying the colourful illustrations, the commentary encourages children to contemplate the incredible things that the tree will one day be capable of, from providing a home for birds and shade for families to producing medicines and spices.

The Marvelous Mustard Seed features ethnically diverse characters, and is ideal for children ages 4-8. A special note for parents and teachers is included.

Sonam and the Silence
Author/Artist: AYRES EDDIE
ISBN-10: 1760293660
ISBN-13: 9781760293666
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Price: AU$24.99
Description: In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, Sonam's world is dark and silent. Then one day, she follows a magical melodious sound to a walled garden, and her world is silent no more. The sound is music, and it lifts her up amongst the stars and takes her deeper than the tree roots in the earth. What a wonderful discovery! How can she hold on to this feeling in a world where music is forbidden?

A lyrical fable-like story by the well-known musician, author and broadcaster Eddie Ayres, about the irrepressible power of music. The illustrator, Ronak Taher, is an Iranian-Australian artist born in 1984. Her artwork for this book is exquisite.

Books > Devotional > Devotional Books

Pope Francis Selected Prayers
Author/Artist: POPE FRANCIS
ISBN-10: 1847307965
ISBN-13: 9781847307965
Publisher: Veritas
Price: AU$12.95
Description: Prayer, according to Pope Francis, does not work ‘like a magic wand’ but instead helps ‘us to keep faith in God, and to entrust ourselves to him even when we do not understand his will’. This booklet brings together a selection of the prayers Pope Francis has issued since taking office and not only highlights his special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary but also his sincere engagement with issues such as peace, the environment and the family.

This will make a wonderful resource for any home, school or parish and will help enrich the contemplative lives of those seeking words of encouragement and solace on their Christian journey.

Books > Gift Books > Gift Books

Together is Better A Little Book of Inspiration
Author/Artist: SINEK SIMON
ISBN-10: 024118729X
ISBN-13: 9780241187296
Publisher: Penguin Books
Price: AU$29.99
Description: Together is Better, is a little book of inspiration for the modern world. Most of us live our lives by accident. We live as it happens. Fulfilment comes when we live our lives on purpose. 'What are you going to do with your life? What are you doing with your life now?' 'Do you have goals? A vision? A clear sense of why you do what you do?' Almost everyone knows someone who has grappled with at least one of these questions. The answers can often seem elusive or uncertain.

Though there are many paths to follow into the unknown future, there is one way that increases the chances we will enjoy the journey. To travel with someone we trust. We can try to build a successful career or a happy life alone, but why would we? Together is better. This unique and delightful book makes the point that together is better in a quite unexpected way. Simon Sinek blends the wisdom he has gathered from around the world with a heartwarming, richly illustrated original fable. Working hard for something we do not care about, is called stress. Working hard for something we love, is called passion.

Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Ministry Books

Saving Catholics A Workbook for Reform and Renewal in the Catholic Church
Author/Artist: GOOSEN GIDEON
ISBN-10: 0648232468
ISBN-13: 9780648232469
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Price: AU$26.95
Description: In Saving Catholics, author Gideon Goosen sets out to address the challenge championed by Pope Francis to reform the Catholic Church. He has written an interactive workbook bringing together historical, theological, sociological, and experiential insights to illuminate the main issues surrounding reform. Taking a measured approach by looking at both the positives and the negatives arising from the experience of Catholics, Goosen examines such things as what reform actually is, the need for reform, and psychological attitudes and resistance towards reform. He tackles thorny subjects like clericalism head-on and addresses the abuse of power in the church.

He also seeks out signs of hope, following the example of Pope Francis, and explores possible strategies for the future. Saving Catholics is a practical tool for parish, school or other community groups to aid in their discernment of the way forward to reform and renewal in the Catholic Church.

Books > Psychology > Psychology Books

Behave The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst
ISBN-10: 009957506X
ISBN-13: 9780099575061
Publisher: Random House
Price: AU$24.99
Description: 'Awe-inspiring... You will learn more about human nature than in any other book I can think of' Henry Marsh THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER / WINNER OF THE 2017 LA TIMES BOOK PRIZE
'One of the best scientist-writers of our time' Oliver Sacks

Why do human beings behave as they do? We are capable of savage acts of violence but also spectacular feats of kindness: is one side of our nature destined to win out over the other? Every act of human behaviour has multiple layers of causation, spiralling back seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, even centuries, right back to the dawn of time and the origins of our species. In the epic sweep of history, how does our biology affect the arc of war and peace, justice and persecution? How have our brains evolved alongside our cultures? This is the exhilarating story of human morality and the science underpinning the biggest question of all: what makes us human?

Books > Schools > Teacher Development

101 Creative Prayer Ideas
Author/Artist: KING ELEANOR
ISBN-10: 1848679459
ISBN-13: 9781848679450
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew
Price: AU$39.95
Description: 101 Prayer ideas with a focus on peace, respect, care for others, and the world around us. They are grouped into five themes:

• Saying thank you
• Sorry prayers
• Prayers for others
• Prayers for ourselves
• Things to remind us to pray

The activities will be loved by children from 5-11. They are practical, imaginative, child-friendly and aimed at connecting children to God through play.
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