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Avery Dulles: Essential Writings from America Magazine
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
ISBN-10: 0870613154
ISBN-13: 9780870613159
Publisher: Christian Classics
Price: AU$49.95
Description: This collection of Dulles’s essential work from America magazine includes more than five decades of writing that showcases his wide-ranging interests in ecclesiology, salvation history, pastoral theology and contemporary literature.

These writings reflect the Jesuit’s warm personality and astute insights on the Church in an era of great change.

Dulles reflects on theological questions such as the relationship between faith and reason, as well as events like the Second Vatican Council that affected average Catholics.

Glimpses of the New Creation: Worship and the Formative Power of the Arts
Category: Books > Liturgy > Liturgy Books
ISBN-10: 0802876099
ISBN-13: 9780802876096
Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Comp
Price: AU$42.95
Description: How do the arts in worship form individuals and communities?

Every choice of art in worship opens up and closes down possibilities for the formation of our humanity.

Glimpses of the New Creation argues that the arts form us in worship by bringing us into intentional and intensive participation in the aesthetic aspect of our humanity—that is, our physical, emotional, imaginative and metaphorical capacities.

"Taylor invites us to imagine how we might worship together if we were immersed in an abundance of artistic creativity as manifestations of God's grace." C. Michael Hawn

God, Science, and Religious Diversity
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
Author/Artist: LEHE, ROBERT T
ISBN-10: 1532619588
ISBN-13: 9781532619588
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: AU$30.95
Description: Two major obstacles to belief in God in the twenty-first century are the idea that science is incompatible with religious faith and the idea that the diversity of religions undermines the credibility of belief that any one religion could be truer than the others.

This book addresses both of these challenges to belief in God and explores a connection between them.

It argues that science and religion are not only compatible, but that some recent scientific discoveries actually support belief in the existence of the Creator God.

Introduction to Canon Law REVISED 3RD ED
Category: Books > Theology > Canon Law
Author/Artist: CORIDEN JAMES
ISBN-10: 0809154226
ISBN-13: 9780809154227
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$69.95
Description: This is a clear, readable introduction to the basic structures and areas of church rules from a most respected canonist.

This is the third edition of An Introduction to Canon Law and retains the comprehensiveness of the previous two editions while updating the reader in the field with current decisions and changes, including those initiated by Pope Francis.

This book includes A Canonical Constitution on the Church, written and compiled at the behest of Pope Paul VI.
While never promulgated it served as a working document of the 1983 revision of the Code

Newman: His Life and Spirituality
Category: Books > Biographies > Biographies
Author/Artist: BOUYER, LOUIS
ISBN-10: 1586175025
ISBN-13: 9781586175023
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Price: AU$38.95
Description: John Henry Newman, recently canonised by Pope Francis was a famous Anglican convert to the Catholic Church, an Oratorian priest, a brilliant author of novels, poems and acclaimed spiritual works and a renowned preacher.

Newman had a great impact on the intellectual and spiritual journey of the author, Fr. Louis Bouyer who became a famous theologian and spiritual writer.

This book is work of major significance for anyone who wants to approach the towering figure of John Henry Newman

Bouyer shows that Newman is the great apostle for modern times!

Tell Me Jesus Who You Are Rediscovering Jesus in the Sunday Gospels
Category: Books > Scripture > New Testament
Author/Artist: CRAGHAN JOHN
ISBN-10: 190560436X
ISBN-13: 9781905604364
Publisher: Dominican Pub
Price: AU$28.99
Description: John Craghan's chief interest is to make the best of biblical scholarship available to a wider audience.

This work addresses itself to the needs of worshippers who seek to recover the identity of Jesus of Nazareth in the course of the three-year cycle of Sunday readings.

The four Gospel-writers shape their messages about Jesus to focus on perennial issues that confront all followers of Jesus; the meaning of faith, the demands of community life and the need to live out the gospel message in the fray of daily existence.

The Mass Yesterday, Today...and Forever
Category: Books > Liturgy > Liturgy Books
Author/Artist: WALSH, LIAM G. OP
ISBN-10: 1905604408
ISBN-13: 9781905604401
Publisher: Dominican Pub
Price: AU$28.99
Description: In this book Liam G. Walsh offers an account of the major phases of the development of the Roman Rite.

The purpose is to help readers come to mindfulness about the Mass that takes them beyond seeing it as holy ceremonial to be regulated by rubrics, beyond seeing it only in aesthetic terms, beyond making it a way of aligning themselves to ‘progressive’ or ‘traditionalist’ camps.

Thinking rightly about it requires thinking about what God is doing in it, the kind of thinking done in this book.

The Pilgrim's Story: The Life and Spirituality of St Ignatius Loyola
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN-10: 1910248398
ISBN-13: 9781910248393
Publisher: Messenger Publications
Price: AU$28.99
Description: A concise and very readable account of the life and spirituality of Ignatius of Loyola which stresses the importance of the personal experience of God.

Brendan Comerford SJ portrays a very human Ignatius through whom God was able to do great things.

The chapters on the Spiritual Exercises are designed to make their content accessible to the general reader, with the author sharing some of his own personal experiences of directing the Spiritual exercises.

To Love and to be Loved
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN-10: 1905604351
ISBN-13: 9781905604357
Publisher: Dominican Pub
Price: AU$31.99
Description: Modern life, especially in the western world, makes questions about love intensely urgent. As personal mobility increases, as connections between people become more fragile, and as the question of personal identity is now a really challenging one, the meaning of love has become a central issue for reflective individuals and groups.

In a short time, the developed world has moved from a culture of authority to a culture of choice. For good or for evil, a tradition-based culture has become a present-directed one. These are some of the questions which priest and psychologist Desmond O’Donnell sets out to address in the 22 reflections he offers us in To Love and to Be Loved.

Liberty in the Things of God: The Christian Origins of Religious Freedom
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
ISBN-10: 0300226632
ISBN-13: 9780300226638
Publisher: Yale U Press
Price: AU$44.99
Description: Robert Louis Wilken shows that the origins of religious freedom and liberty of conscience are religious, not political, in origin.

They took form before the Enlightenment through the labours of men and women of faith who believed there could be no justice in society without liberty in the things of God.

This provocative book, drawing on writings from the early Church as well as the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, reminds us of how “the meditations of the past were fitted to affairs of a later day.”
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