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Albert Namatjira
Category: Books > Gift Books > Gift Books
ISBN-10: 0642334757
ISBN-13: 9780642334756
Publisher: New South Books
Price: AU$39.95
Description: A bruised ridge of hills. A scrub-mottled plain. Ghost gums framing a wash of sky... Pioneering Aboriginal watercolourist Albert Namatjira’s landscape paintings are synonymous with our perception of the Australian outback. But these luminous landscapes also expressed Namatjira’s deep connection with the Western Arrarnta Country for which he was a traditional custodian.

This is the first publication of Namatjira’s work since the copyright was returned to his descendants, and celebrates the legacy of this important artist through a selection of his evocative watercolours from the National Gallery of Australia’s world-renowned collection.

Can We Be Friends
Category: Books > Gift Books > Gift Books
Author/Artist: FRECH REBECCA
ISBN-10: 1681922622
ISBN-13: 9781681922621
Publisher: OSV
Price: AU$29.95
Description: These days more than ever, finding good friends is hard. Even for those who are lucky enough to have found the right people, making time to keep friendships strong and healthy can be a daunting task.

Can We Be Friends? tackles the issue head on, taking a fun and honest look at friendship: why we need friends, where we find friends, and even when to let friends go. Author Rebecca Frech details the different types of friends, ways to grow intentionally in friendship, and how to decide which friends really deserve a place in our inner circle. Ultimately, Can We Be Friends? reminds us that authentic, life-giving friendship helps us to become our true self.

Disorderly Women and the Order of God
Category: Books > Scripture > Scripture Books
ISBN-10: 0567674118
ISBN-13: 9780567674111
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: AU$170.00
Description: Michele A. Connolly's postcolonial analysis links the Gospel of Mark - produced in the context of the Roman Empire - with contemporary Australia, established initially as a colony of the British Empire. Feminist analysis of texts from two foundational events in Australian colonial history reveal that women in such texts tend to be marginalised, silenced and denigrated. Connolly posits that imperialist sexism, both ancient and modern, perceives women as a threat to the order that males alone can impose on the world.

The Gospel of Mark portrays Jesus bringing the order of the Reign of God to combat the disorder of apocalyptic evil. Jesus' task is a markedly male project, against which eleven female characters are portrayed as disorderly distractions who are managed by being marginalised, silenced and denigrated, contradicting Jesus' message of mutual service and non-domination. In his death under apocalyptic power, Jesus is likewise depicted as isolated, silenced and denigrated, subtly associating femininity with chaos, failure and disgrace.

Divine Renovation Apprentice Learning to Lead a Disciple-Making Parish
Category: Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Ministry Books
Author/Artist: LOBO SIMON
ISBN-10: 1925073580
ISBN-13: 9781925073584
Publisher: John Garratt Publishing
Price: AU$22.95
Description: Transforming a parish is challenging, demanding, and sometimes messy work. In Divine Renovation Apprentice, Fr. Simon Lobo breaks open his experience as an associate pastor working on the renewal of St. Benedict Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the birthplace of Divine Renovation. With honesty, humility, and great clarity, Fr. Simon offers his personal reflections on the actual process of renovation with practical wisdom critical to anyone who wants to see their parish experience new life.

More than simply a biographical account of the change at St. Benedict, this book contains insights on how to Change Culture, Build a Game Plan, and Develop Leaders for lasting parish change.

History and Presence
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
Author/Artist: ORSI ROBERT A
ISBN-10: 0674984595
ISBN-13: 9780674984592
Publisher: Belknap Press
Price: AU$44.99
Description: Beginning with metaphysical debates in the sixteenth century over the nature of Christ's presence in the host, the distinguished historian and scholar of religion Robert Orsi imagines an alternative to the future of religion that early moderns proclaimed was inevitable.

"This book is classic Orsi: careful, layered, humane, and subtle... If reformed theology has led to the gods' ostensible absence in modern religion, History and Presence is a sort of counter-reformation literature that revels in the excesses of divine materiality: the contradictions, the redundancies, the scrambling of borders between the sacred and profane, the dead and the living, the past and the present, the original and the imitator...History and Presence is a thought-provoking, expertly arranged tour of precisely those abundant, excessive phenomena which scholars have historically found so difficult to think."
--Sonja Anderson, Reading Religion

"With reference to Marian apparitions, the cult of the saints and other divine-human encounters, Orsi constructs a theory of presence for the study of contemporary religion and history. Many interviews with individuals devoted to particular saints and relics are included in this fascinating study of how people process what they believe."
--Catholic Herald

In God's Image Recognizing the Profoundly Impaired as Persons
Category: Books > Theology > Moral Theology
ISBN-10: 1625646321
ISBN-13: 9781625646323
Publisher: Cascade Books
Price: AU$39.95
Description: In God’s Image: Recognizing the Profoundly Impaired as Persons is a bold Catholic argument in defense of the profoundly impaired. While a range of theological voices can now be heard speaking up on behalf of those who live their lives at the extremes of the human condition, few voices have been explicitly Catholic.

Comensoli draws on the irreplaceable contribution of St. Thomas Aquinas to forge an engagement with one of the leading thinkers in the theology of the disabled, Professor Hans Reinders. While recognizing the crucial contribution that Reinders has made, Comensoli situates our perception of the cognitively impaired within the horizon of God’s own image, refusing a reduction of the substantialist position the Catholic tradition has always valued. This is linked to the fresh and countercultural community life pioneered by Jean Vanier, founder of the L’Arche communities. For Comensoli, the profoundly impaired are persons whose personhood cannot be recognized outside of the condition of their impairment, and through which God’s Image is perceived in all its paradoxical implications.

Category: Books > Children > Children's Books
Author/Artist: DE LA PENA MATT
ISBN-10: 1524740918
ISBN-13: 9781524740917
Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group
Price: AU$27.99
Description: Matt de la Pena and illustrator Loren Long present a story about the strongest bond there is and the diverse and powerful ways it connects us all. In this heartfelt celebration of love, they depict the many ways we experience this universal bond, which carries us from the day we are born throughout the years of our childhood and beyond. With a lyrical text that's soothing and inspiring, this tender tale is a needed comfort and a new classic that will resonate with readers of every age.

Playing from the Heart
Category: Books > Children > Children's Books
ISBN-10: 1406368407
ISBN-13: 9781406368406
Publisher: Walker & Co
Price: AU$19.99
Description: An inspiring and moving book which tells the story of a father and son, who connect through the powerful language of music. When a young boy begins to play on his family's piano, revelling in the fun of plunking the keys, his father signs him up for lessons so that he can learn to play properly. With his father's encouragement, Raj learns notes, then scales, then songs, and finally classical pieces that his father can recognize and be proud of.

But the more Raj practises and the more skilled he becomes, the less he enjoys playing - until he grows up and stops playing altogether. But when his father becomes ill and asks Raj to play for him, will Raj still remember how to play from the heart?

Quiet Place Within Contemplation from the Heart
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN-10: 0648230341
ISBN-13: 9780648230342
Publisher: Coventry Press
Price: AU$19.95
Description: A Quiet Place Within is a collection of short reflection entries and poems that anyone, young and old, religious or spiritual, can read, reflect and absorb even amid the humdrum and busyness of everyday life. The writings are the result of years of praying, reflecting and contemplating on ordinary experiences, social and political issues of the days. Most of all, they reflect the author's awareness of the delicate and gentle presence of the Divine within one's heart and soul.

The book is offered as a practical help for the reflective life of the reader, not only for Christians but for anyone who searches for meaning and integrity in their everyday life.

Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy Why Good Liturgy Matters
Category: Books > Liturgy > Liturgical Rites
ISBN-10: 0814645631
ISBN-13: 9780814645635
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$29.95
Description: The Rites and Wrongs of Liturgy explains why good liturgy is important, how to recognize it, and how to assess liturgy in terms of a larger vision of the Christian life. O'Loughlin, a seasoned theologian and teacher, identifies ten principles that make for good liturgy. Such liturgy must be honest, open, joyful, inclusive, celebrative of community, facilitative of engagement, based in creation, attentive to the marginalized, free of clutter, and true to the pattern of the incarnation.

Since good celebrations build faith and bad liturgy weakens it, these principles promise to bring new life and meaning to every celebrating community.
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