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Listening to the Wisdom of the Desert LENTEN PROGRAMME 2018 Garratt Publishing
Category: Books > Spirituality > Lent & Easter Books
Author/Artist: THYER JOANNA
ISBN-10: 1925073467
ISBN-13: 9781925073461
Publisher: John Garratt Publishing
Price: AU$8.95
Description: Listening to the Wisdom of the Desert is a modern Lenten program for group or personal study. Author Joanna Thyer has taken her theme from the first Sunday Gospel of Lent, Jesus' 40 days in the desert. Through six weeks she explores this theme using prayer, biblical reflection and modern stories. She asks: What is the desert in our own lives? What can we learn from it? To help with biblical reflection she provides a short introduction to Lectio Divina.
Fr Elio Capra's explanation of the Easter Ceremonies benefits this Lenten study booklet. Spread over seven illustrated pages, readers have a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.
The photography and captions enhance the reflections and highlight key teaching points.

Beyond the Secular West
Category: Books > Theology > Philosophy
ISBN-10: 0231170815
ISBN-13: 9780231170819
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Price: AU$49.99
Description: Beyond the Secular West is a collection of essays, edited by Akeel Bilgram and written by scholars from various backgrounds, religions, and cultures who discuss “secular” in a worldview rather than the western view of the term. They offer a diverse range of critical perspectives as each explores ways in which the secular and secularism are translated and transformed beyond Latin Christendom. The range of perspectives extends from China to India, from the Mexican Revolution to Sufi brotherhoods in Senegal. Despite the various regions and diverse disciplinary orientations represented in the essays, they hang together as a coherent collection and serve to represent and richly illuminate the complexity of the issue of secularity as a global phenomenon. The essays provide an interesting opportunity to compare practices and beliefs of other cultures, to our own beliefs and interpretations of other cultures. They provide a factual and enlightening read for those with an advanced interest in cultures and beliefs outside of the Western view.

Recommended uses of this book
For students of Church History and Anthropology
For those involved in inter-faith dialogue
For those seeking to understand the links between Religion, Culture and Public Life

Challenges of Moral Leadership
Category: Books > Theology > Moral Theology
ISBN-10: 9042932600
ISBN-13: 9789042932609
Publisher: Peeters
Price: AU$129.95
Description: What is it about leadership that makes being a moral leader such a challenge? Why do leaders typically make the same mistakes over and over again, throughout history, across cultures and over time? How do expectations of heroic leadership impact a leader's moral integrity? How do followers contribute to (or undermine) a robust ethical stance of their leaders?

This volume addresses these and other questions from a variety of interdisciplinary, practitioner and faith perspectives. It contains, for example, a historical account of leadership challenges, an engagement with the responsibility ethics of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and a contextual study of the specific challenges of ethical leadership in Russia. This second volume of the series Christian Perspectives on Leadership and Social Ethics, serves leaders to face an increasingly complex reality.

Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus A Window Into Early Christian Reading Practices
Category: Books > Scripture > Scripture Books
Author/Artist: WRIGHT BRIAN J
ISBN-10: 1506432506
ISBN-13: 9781506432502
Publisher: Fortress Press
Price: AU$79.95
Description: Much of the contemporary discussion of the Jesus tradition has focused on aspects of oral performance, storytelling, and social memory, on the premise that the practice of communal reading of written texts was a phenomenon documented no earlier than the second century CE. Brian J. Wright overturns that premise by examining evidence that demonstrates communal reading events in the first century. Wright disproves the simplistic notion that only a small segment of society in certain urban areas could have been involved in such communal reading events during the first century; rather, communal reading permeated a complex, multifaceted cultural field in which early Christians, Philo, and many others participated. His study thus pushes the academic conversation back by at least a century and raises important new questions regarding the formation of the Jesus tradition, the contours of book culture in early Christianity, and factors shaping the transmission of the text of the New Testament. These fresh insights have the potential to inform historical reconstructions of the nature of the earliest churches as well as the story of canon formation and textual transmission.

Eros of the Human Spirit The Writings of Bernard Lonergan SJ
Category: Books > Theology > Theology Books
ISBN-10: 0809153424
ISBN-13: 9780809153428
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$54.99
Description: Both the desire to know and the desire to love can be observed and understood, affirmed for what they really are, and then gradually appropriated, making possible a fuller human development and life more abundant in community. This discovery was made progressively by Bernard Lonergan in his life and work as a philosopher and methodological theologian. It is possible to trace this moving viewpoint in his writings, where he thematises self-appropriation and presents it pedagogically in Insight: A Study of Human Understanding. Self-appropriation is heightened to reach the existential level by Method in Theology, where Lonergan makes religious conversion - complete being-in-love with God as a gift of grace - foundational for the theological enterprise.

Consideration is given, on the one hand, to obstacles to development, and on the other, to ways of becoming more at home with our own desire and of cooperating freely with the action of grace. This book demonstrates the relevance of appropriating the Eros of the human spirit to both the pursuit of theologians ad the faith journey of Christian believers.

Finding Jesus Among Muslims How Loving Islam Makes Me a Better Catholic
Category: Books > Church > Interfaith Dialogue
ISBN-10: 0814645925
ISBN-13: 9780814645925
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$39.95
Description: Why should Christians engage in interfaith dialogue with Muslims? Does Islam have anything to offer Christians? What is Islamophobia, and what should we do about it? These are just some of the questions addressed in this book. Drawing from church teaching, the stories of saints and martyrs, and her extensive personal experiences living among Muslims in both the United States and the Middle East, Duffner explains why all Christians are called to participate in a “dialogue of life” with Muslims. Her intelligent and fresh approach makes Duffner a welcome voice on some of the most important social and religious questions of our day.

From Darkness to Eastering
Category: Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Parish Resources
ISBN-10: 1849525560
ISBN-13: 9781849525565
Publisher: Wild Goose Publication
Price: AU$29.95
Description: This is a book about how, on a cosmic and a personal level, darkness gives way to light. It does not sugar-coat the reality of darkness but is full of hope, reminding voyagers that ‘light shines in the darkness’, that darkness is required to perceive light – and that Easter means the light has come, life triumphs, and the promised Holy Spirit will empower us for growth: ‘eastering’ …

These reflective, prayerful poems are ‘a ticket and passport for a spiritual journey’ and can be used in a daily discipline or with groups.

From the Tools of Good Works to the Heart of Humility A Commentary on Chapters 4 to 7 of Benedict's Rule
Category: Books > Spirituality > Classics
ISBN-10: 0814646611
ISBN-13: 9780814646618
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Price: AU$59.95
Description: In a new volume of her exegetical commentary, Sr. Aquinata Böckmann explores chapters 4–7 of the Rule of St. Benedict. They contain Benedict’s instruction of how to learn and live the spiritual art of monastic life that is focused on Christ. In her close reading of the text and its sources she pursues questions such as: How do general Christian rules help us to live in community? How does obedience lead us closer to Christ? How does silence build community? How does humility deepen our love for Christ and those around us? Never losing sight of the reality of monastic life, Sr. Aquinata weaves together Benedict’s wisdom and today’s challenges to show the crucial spiritual elements of his Rule.

Guide for Altar Servers
Category: Books > Liturgy > Liturgy Books
ISBN-10: 0764827227
ISBN-13: 9780764827228
Publisher: Liguori Publications
Price: AU$9.95
Description: This short, interactive booklet is an essential tool for any youth preparing to serve at Mass or training for the role of acolyte. Key terms, liturgical guidance, and practical tips are presented in a simple and friendly tone with questions, activities, and full-colour photos. Servers continually change as older children move to other roles or serve the parish in other ways, and new children require training. Guide for Altar Servers is a practical, complete, and cost-effective tool that introduces young people to this important ministry.

Jesus Teach Us about Lent Daily Reflections Actions and Prayers for Kids for Lent 2018
Category: Books > Children > Children's Lent & Easter
ISBN-10: 1627853332
ISBN-13: 9781627853330
Publisher: Twenty Third Pub
Price: AU$2.95
Description: Every year we read about how Jesus taught, healed people, and loved everyone. Then we come to the time of year called Holy Week, when we hear about how he died and was raised from the dead. That is a lot to understand. So we use this time of Lent to prepare our hearts and minds a little each day.
Here are stories and games to help children get ready for the most amazing celebration of all: Easter!
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