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Act Love Walk Praying in the Josephite Spirit
Category: Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Parish Resources
ISBN-10: 0646925334
ISBN-13: 9780646925332
Publisher: Trustees of Sisters of St Joseph
Price: AU$20.00
Description: The book is arranged in four sections: Journeying through the Year - The prayers in this section can be prayed on particular feast days that are important in Josephite spirituality or in the liturgical seasons of the year.

The next three sections are headed by the three reminders of what God asks of us proclaimed by the Prophet Micah: Act Justly (the prayers in this section focus on aspects of justice including our involvement in making a fairer world for all); Love Tenderly (the prayers in this section focus on relating with love and faithful kindness); Walk Humbly (the prayers in this section invite us to focus on being true in our relationships with God and all life).

This book can be used by individuals or in a group. The Sisters of St Joseph hope that this book is a resource and source of nourishment for you when praying.

Bonded Through Tragedy United in Hope The Catholic Church and East Timor's Struggle for Independence A Memoir
Category: Books > Biographies > Biographies
Author/Artist: DEAKIN HILTON
ISBN-10: 1925073327
ISBN-13: 9781925073324
Publisher: John Garratt Publishing
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Some people step up to unexpected challenges and grow in stature. Bonded through Tragedy, United in Hope is a beautifully written memoir about Hilton Deakin, the ‘boy from the bush’, who did just that. Hilton Deakin is a Catholic bishop and a key figure in East Timor’s struggle for self-determination, who became a confidante to independence fighters and those in solidarity with them. At a time when most Australians had little knowledge of, or sympathy for the plight of the East Timorese under Indonesian occupation, Deakin became a voice for the voiceless.

Not just a personal story, this is a story of one country’s struggle for independence – where compassion, courage and commitment won out. Hilton Deakin’s journey into justice shows us that we too can shine a light in dark places.

Catholic Scripture Study Bible RSV-CE LARGE PRINT Edition Official Study Bible
Category: Books > Bibles > Bibles
ISBN-10: 1935302493
ISBN-13: 9781935302490
Publisher: Tan Books
Price: AU$108.95
Description: This Study Bible integrates Sacred Scripture with extensive study materials and reference guides. It provides any individual, parish or group a new insight and a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of the Catholic Faith.

Features 76 full-colour inserts, Apologetics Bible Verse Index, Topical Index with over 130 Topics and 1100 Biblical References, New Testament Timelines, Faith Facts, Complete list of Biblical Abbreviations, Three Ribbons, Black Bonded Leather and Gold Page Edges.

Divine Dance CD The Trinity and Your Transformation
Category: Audio Books > Audio Books > Audio Books
Author/Artist: ROHR RICHARD
ISBN-10: 1520074557
ISBN-13: 9781520074559
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Price: AU$89.95
Description: The Trinity is supposed to be the central doctrine grounding Christianity, yet we're often told that we shouldn't attempt to understand it because it's a mystery. Although the word 'trinity' isn't found in the New Testament-it wasn't until the third century that it was coined-the idea of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit was present in Jesus' life and teachings. In this audiobook, Richard Rohr circles around this paradoxical idea-and circling around is an apt metaphor for this mystery we're trying to apprehend. Early Christians applied the Greek verb for dance to the mystery of the Trinity, saying whatever is going on in God is a flow-it's like a dance.

Hole in the Sky CD
Category: Music > Music CDs > Music CDs
Author/Artist: JORDAN JAMES
Publisher: GIA Publication
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Music of Britten, Bruckner, Duruflé, Forrest, Gjeilo, Henson, LaVoy, Mendelssohn, Pärt, Paulus, Victoria, and Whitacre.
Certain music, certain composers, and certain performances have a way of 'tearing a hole' into our spiritual core, deepening our lives, perhaps even bringing new meaning to what we do and how we live. The music for this CD has a common thread in that all the pieces, in some way, provide an illuminative hole, through both sound and text, into perhaps a deeper understanding of life and living.

Language of the Heart How to Read the Bible A User's Guide for Catholics
Category: Books > Scripture > Scripture Books
Author/Artist: COOPER NOEL
ISBN-10: 2896884122
ISBN-13: 9782896884124
Publisher: Novalis
Price: AU$59.95
Description: Updated to suit current scholarly understandings behind our sacred texts, and complete with a new Introduction that situates the need for the Bible in a more secularised world, this revised edition retains its engaging style. It offers general information, historical and theological insights, and analytical tools for further reflection and study. Notes in the margins guide readers to appropriate Scripture references and there are links to an online course with supplementary activities. This book is an ideal guidebook for students, Catholic school teachers and anyone who want to dig deeper into their Bible.

Pilgrims and Companions CD
Category: Music > Music CDs > Music CDs
Author/Artist: HAUGEN MARTY
Publisher: GIA Publication
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Timely and evocative, Pilgrims and Companions is filled with music that can accompany us on our personal journey of faith and on our common journey as community. It is a powerful collection of liturgical music suitable for Sundays, seasons, and special celebrations throughout the year. The inclusion of any one of these titles in your worship will help to break open God’s word and inscribe it on the hearts of those gathered.

RSV Ignatius Catholic Bible LARGE PRINT BOXED
Category: Books > Bibles > Bibles
Author/Artist: RSV BLACK
ISBN-10: 1586172859
ISBN-13: 9781586172855
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Price: AU$108.95
Description: This new large print version, in a deluxe bonded leather edition and lovely gift box, features large, clear type and additional materials of interest to all readers.

Special Features:
Extra large, 13.5 point type
A section of Prayers and Devotions of the Catholic Church that will be familiar to all Catholics
A 16-page map section
An 8-page Presentation and Family History section.
Ribbon Marker
Deluxe Gift Box
Special section that gives the Lectionary readings so people who can't make it to Mass can look up the passages.

Teaching Kids to Care Reflections Activities and Prayers on Practicing Virtues
Category: Books > Schools > Education Resources
ISBN-10: 1627852522
ISBN-13: 9781627852524
Publisher: Twenty Third Pub
Price: AU$19.95
Description: From alphabets of courtesy to gratitude trees, here are hundreds of activities, conversation starters, and suggested Scripture passages that encourage caring. Organized by 25 virtues—compassion, empathy, justice, and more—this essential resource also includes brief reflections and prayers for each virtue. The ideas and approaches can be used at home, in classrooms, or in small or large groups to help children of all ages grow into the compassionate and caring people God created them to be.

That You Might Have Life 12 Spiritual Practices to Nurture Your Call to Holiness
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
Author/Artist: HAAS DAVID
ISBN-10: 1627852573
ISBN-13: 9781627852579
Publisher: Twenty Third Pub
Price: AU$29.95
Description: No matter where we are in our life journey, we all feel the desire for something more, something transcendent that gives our life meaning. How do we connect to that spiritual dimension? How do we nurture it? In this very personal and helpful book, David Haas helps us to see that holiness is the key to our search, and holiness begins when we realise that we are God's beloved children. Haas offers twelve simple spiritual practices that can be taken in any order, individually or with a small group, that can help us grow closer to God and one another by embracing God s unending and unconditional love for us.
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