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Future of Wisdom Toward a Rebirth of Sapiential Christianity
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN / ID: 9781939681829
Publisher: Monkfish Book Publishing
Price: AU$37.95
Description: This book recalls that a sapiential (wisdom) consciousness is central to the New Testament writings and remained the mode of theological understanding in Eastern and Western traditions for more than twelve centuries. It proposes the rediscovery -or, better- a new birth of this theology and understanding but with a new scope and new power for our time.

"There is a new day coming in Christian spiritual theology, and Bruno Barnhart is posting bulletins marking its progress and explaining its meaning. Christianity's opening to the East has sparked a resurgence of its own wisdom tradition, the Christ-centered nondualistic consciousness of the mystics, through which it touches in appreciative fellowship the other wisdom traditions of the world. Father Bruno traces how this renewed consciousness is breaking out of the conventional containers of Christian and Western religious experience and creating a new realization of the depth and dynamism of the divine incarnation in the human and in the world."
(Beatrice Bruteau)
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