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Gift of the Priestly Vocation
Category: Books > Documents > Church Documents
ISBN / ID: 9781784691813
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK
Price: AU$14.95
Description: The formation of priests means following a singular ‘journey of discipleship’, which begins at Baptism, is perfected through the other sacraments of Christian Initiation, comes to be appreciated as the centre of one’s life at the beginning of seminary formation, and continues through the whole of life.

This Ratio Fundamentalis emphasises that formation - both initial and ongoing - must be seen through a unifying lens, which takes account of the four dimensions of formation proposed by Pastores Dabo Vobis. Together, these dimensions give shape and structure to the identity of the seminarian and the priest, and make him capable of that ‘gift of self to the Church’, which is the essence of pastoral charity.
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