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Wounded in Spirit: Advent Art and Meditations
Category: Books > Spirituality > Advent & Christmas
Author/Artist: BANNON DAVID
ISBN / ID: 9781640601451
Publisher: Paraclete Press
Price: AU$59.95
Description: In twenty-five illustrated daily readings we commune with Scripture and the wounded artists that gave the world masterpieces of hope: Gauguin, Tissot, Caravaggio, Tanner, Delacroix, van Gogh, Dürer. We’ve heard the names. We recognise the paintings. But do we know the artists? They were flawed and often troubled people: a widower that saw a vision of Christ; a murderer who painted himself as Peter; a grieving father that drew his sons as Jesus and John; an orphan who saw his salvation in the Holy Family. In their wounds, and from our own, we may once again encounter "God with us."

Based on the latest research in history and grief, Wounded in Spirit also returns to where Christian art began. From mourning in Roman catacombs to works of the masters, Bannon leads us to join the world's great artists on their pilgrimage of brokenness. This is a book of hope, a journey of beauty and meditation for those for whom ordinary Advent devotionals could never help.
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