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Take Control of Your Depression: Strategies to Help You Feel Better Now
Category: Books > Psychology > Serious Illness
Author/Artist: NOONAN SUSAN J
ISBN / ID: 9781421426297
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Price: AU$44.99
Description: In this volume, Dr. Noonan provides people experiencing depression with strategies to take stock of their mental state, to chart a course toward emotional balance, and to track their progress on the journey to well-being.

Writing from her personal experience as both a recipient and a provider of mental health services, Dr. Noonan explains how to obtain care from professionals, outlines what medical options are available, and lists everyday things people can do to feel better. Integrating medicine, psychology, and holistic care while exploring the basics of mental health, this workbook touches on diet, sleep habits, physical activity, and mindfulness techniques.
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