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Educator’s Guide to Catholic Curriculum Learning for Fullness of Life
Category: Books > Schools > Education Resources
ISBN / ID: 9780987306043
Publisher: John Garratt Publishing
Price: AU$29.95
Description: What difference can the Catholic identity of a school make to the way it approaches curriculum? How can the curriculum be ‘life-giving’ for students in the way Jesus intended when he promised ‘fullness of life’ for all? How can all subjects work together to create an ‘ecology’ of learning that can help students discern wise life pathways? How can their years of learning the various subjects in school classrooms help them become a ‘leaven’ in the dough of society and a ‘light’ for the world?

This Guide offers practical curriculum strategies and school-focused examples from educators in Catholic schools around Australia and New Zealand who are attempting to address these questions.
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