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Praying by Hand, Praying with Beads: A Universal Form of Prayer
Category: Books > Church > Ecumenism
Author/Artist: RYAN, THOMAS
ISBN / ID: 9780809154456
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$33.95
Description: Praying by Hand, Praying with Beads presents the what, why, and how of beaded prayer in the different traditions of Christian faith and in three of the world's other major religions to strengthen, enrich, or motivate one's present practice by engaging in a truly universal form of prayer.

This devotional landscape, associated mostly in the Christian religion with the Catholic rosary, is now changing remarkably. Various forms of prayer with beads are developing within Anglican, Lutheran, and Protestant contexts, in addition to the creation of an Ecumenical Miracle Rosary by a Lutheran pastor. And as our societal constituency becomes increasingly pluralistic religiously, it is of interest for members of all faiths to become aware that this is not just something members of their own religion do, but that it is truly a universal form of prayer.
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