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Jesus Why he Spoke in Parables
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN / ID: 9780648323334
Publisher: Coventry Press
Price: AU$44.95
Description: Why did Jesus speak in parables? This is the question that brings together the reflections in this volume, a collection of meditations preached by Cardinal Martini at a spiritual retreat.

With profound wisdom, Martini reflects on the many gospel parables, parables about the seed, judgement, call, the lost and found. He highlights and identifies first of all how Jesus has the need, very much at heart, to communicate the mystery of the Father. But the mystery of God is so far beyond any notion of ours that it is precisely for this reason it can be expressed in so many ways. Hence, to reveal the confounding love of the Father, Jesus chooses to speak in parables, this way respecting our freedom and also being attentive to our fragility. Jesus' parables also force the listener to take a stance regarding his message and person.

It is a book that introduces us to a wise reading of the Gospel and to hearing the questions hidden within the Scriptures, as well as tasting God's presence.
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