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Pope Francis Among the Wolves PAPERBACK The Inside Story of a Revolution
Category: Books > Church > Pope Francis
Author/Artist: POLITI MARCO
ISBN / ID: 9780231174152
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Price: AU$39.95
Description: Marco Politi takes us deep inside the power struggle roiling the Roman Curia and the Catholic Church worldwide, beginning with Benedict XVI's resignation and intensifying with the contested and unexpected election of Pope Francis. Politi's account balances the perspectives of Pope Francis's supporters, Benedict's sympathisers, and those disappointed members of the Catholic laity who feel alienated by the institution's secrecy, financial corruption, and refusal to modernise.

Politi dramatically recounts the sexual scandals that have rocked the church, the decline in church attendance and vocations to the priesthood, and how Pope Francis's emphasis on pastoral compassion for all who struggle with the burden of family life has provoked the ire of traditionalists in the Roman Curia and elsewhere. Pope Francis and his supporters are locked in a battle with the defenders of the traditional hard line and with ecclesiastical corruption. In this conflict, the future of Catholicism is at stake―and it is far from certain Francis will succeed in saving the institution from decline.
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