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Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus A Window Into Early Christian Reading Practices

Much of the contemporary discussion of the Jesus tradition has focused on aspects of oral performance, storytelling, and social memory, on the premise… >> more

Price: AU$79.95 (HARDBACK)

Lent Season of Transformation

During Lent, we strive to free ourselves from all kinds of clutter—material and spiritual—in order to focus on God and turn back to him with our whole… >> more

Price: AU$16.95 (PAPERBACK)

Seek the Living God Five RCIA Inquiry Questions for Making Disciples

We all know that a one-size-fits-all approach to RCIA catechumenate formation doesn't work. But until now, many of us were stumped trying to find a vi… >> more

Price: AU$33.95 (PAPERBACK)

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Psycho-Spiritual Care in Health Care Practice

Meeting the psychological and spiritual needs of patients is vital to supporting their wellbeing in health care settings. To develop an effective, hol… >> more

Price: AU$39.99 (PAPERBACK)

For a Missionary Reform of the Church The Civilta Cattolica Seminar

In the Fall of 2015, the Jesuit periodical La Civiltà Cattolica hosted a seminar in Rome on the theme "reform of the Church and reforms in the Ch… >> more

Price: AU$89.99 (PAPERBACK)

Drawing Closer to Christ A Self-Guided Icon Retreat

Follow along step-by-step with internationally acclaimed iconographer Joseph Malham as he takes you through an eight-day, self-guided contemplative re… >> more

Price: AU$32.95 (PAPERBACK)

Art of Thomas Merton A Divine Vision in Words and Images

This inspiring anthology allows Merton to speak for himself, offering both an introduction to his thought and an aid to private devotion, a signpost f… >> more

Price: AU$31.95 (PAPERBACK)

When Everything Is Said and Done I Am Infinitely Loved 31 Daily Meditations

This is a simple booklet written by an experienced spiritual director in the Ignatian tradition of spirituality. Each piece of scripture is a divine l… >> more

Price: AU$19.95 (PAPERBACK)

Born to Fly A Handbook for Butterflies-in-Waiting

Based on the caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly metaphor of Hidden Wings, this book offers spiritual insights and wisdom from the likes of Teilhard de Ch… >> more

Price: AU$34.95 (PAPERBACK)

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