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From The Nail to The Key The Fundamental Theology of Pope Francis
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ISBN / ID: 9780648230366
Publisher: Coventry Press
Price: AU$33.95
Description: On 10th April 2014 the community of the Pontifical Gregorian University was received by the Holy Father Francis in the Paul Vl Hall. 0n that occasion the Pope summarised with a few words the task of theology and the features of a true theologian. According to theology, one should create a true "evangelical" movement which goes from the centre to the peripheries and back (according to the logic of a God who reaches the centre from the peripheries in order to return to the peripheries).

From this image of theology, which is always moving from the centre to peripheries and back, a new figure of a theologian emerges, one who will be more fruitful and effective, the more fully he is animated by his love for Christ and for the Church, and the more the relationship between study and prayer is strengthened and made harmonious.

Here are Nine theologians and their essays have come together to try to answer a fundamental question: Which theology does the Church need?
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