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Books > Scripture > Old Testament

Introduction to the Prophets Their Stories Sayings and Scrolls SECOND EDITION
ISBN-10: 0809153610
ISBN-13: 9780809153619
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$62.99
Description: Now in a second edition, this popular introductory text considers not only each of the prophetic books in the Hebrew Bible, but also treats the stories of prophets found in the Pentateuch and historical books. The biblical texts are approached from several different perspectives. The author places each story and prophetic book in its historical context to understand the concerns the prophets addressed in their own time. He examines literary aspects and theological significance of the texts, and finally the significance of the prophet in post-biblical traditions, especially in the Jewish and Christian lectionaries.

Among the new features:
•  An updated table of contents and visual aids as well as reference resources in For Further Study
•  Questions for Review at the end of each chapter
•  A chapter on the book of Daniel.

Books > Spirituality > Classics

Mystical Theologian The Work of Vladimir Lossky
ISBN-10: 0852449046
ISBN-13: 9780852449042
Publisher: Gracewing
Price: AU$32.95
Description: Vladimir Nikolaevich Lossky, born in 1903, was not only seminal in the development of Orthodox theology in its Diaspora after the Russian Revolution, and a major figure in twentieth-century European theological history, but also one of those whose work can inspire a serious Christian life. This book is not so much preoccupied by ‘placing’ Lossky within the world of patristic scholarship or the history of Russian religious thought, but rather, on Lossky’s substantive spiritual teaching – and, accordingly, that of the teachers, especially ancient and mediaeval, he commended. Its principal intention is of communicating this teaching.

Not-So-Unexciting Life Essays on Benedictine History and Spirituality in Honor of Michael Casey OCSO
Author/Artist: POSA CARMEL
ISBN-10: 0879072695
ISBN-13: 9780879072698
Publisher: Cistercian Pub
Price: AU$64.95
Description: This volume, written by eighteen monks, nuns, and lay scholars from seven countries and four continents, aims to recognise the contribution that Michael Casey has made to Cistercian and Benedictine life over the past forty years. Acclaimed as one of the most significant writers in the Benedictine and Cistercian tradition, Casey has published over one hundred articles and reviews in various journals, written more than eighteen books, and edited many more books and journals. He is a world-renowned retreat master, lecturer, and formator.

Books > Spirituality > Mariology

Mariology at the Beginning of the Third Millennium
Author/Artist: WAGNER KEVIN ED
ISBN-10: 1532601433
ISBN-13: 9781532601439
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Price: AU$41.95
Description: Since the Second Vatican Council the place of Mary in theology and generally in the life of the Church has been at times muted. This is perhaps understandable given the debates concerning Mary's "place" in the documents of Vatican II. In an ecumenical age, it was argued, the church needed a less triumphalist Mariology and piety with a greater focus on Mary as model disciple. In certain respects this has led to a dichotomy between the continued Marian piety of many faithful and a theological timidity concerning Mary.

This collection of chapters seeks to address the current situation of Mariology. Taken as a whole these chapters represent a welcome call for renewal and reawakening in Mariology. The collection is also delightfully eclectic, both in terms of topics covered and in terms of the denominational and academic backgrounds of the authors.

Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books

On Eagle's Wings A Journey Through Illness Toward Healing
ISBN-10: 1627852158
ISBN-13: 9781627852159
Publisher: Twenty Third Pub
Price: AU$29.95
Description: Many Christians know Fr. Michael Joncas from his iconic song, On Eagle's Wings, an anthem of hope that has uplifted and inspired people everywhere. Fewer may know that about a decade ago, Fr. Joncas contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome, a debilitating condition that leaves its victims subject to weakness in varying degrees, and can lead to paralysis. His time of dealing with this infirmity was challenging, frustrating, and, ultimately, a time of great spiritual discernment and growth. This book is the product of that journey from sickness to recovery, offering five key insights to help the reader grow from spiritual darkness to newly appreciated light.

Anyone who has experienced chronic illness themselves or has cared for a suffering loved one will find hope and comfort in this book, as well as strategies for coming to grips with our times of powerlessness and overcoming them with trust and confidence in God's goodness.

You Are the Beloved Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living
Author/Artist: NOUWEN HENRI
ISBN-10: 1101906375
ISBN-13: 9781101906378
Publisher: Convergent Books
Price: AU$53.95
Description: This daily devotional offers deep spiritual insight into human experience, intimacy, brokenness, and compassion. It is intended to empower readers to claim their central identity as the Beloved of God and live out that truth in their daily lives. Featuring the best of Nouwen's writing from previously published works, along with selection of never-before-seen writings, this collection will appeal to those who know and love Nouwen's work as well as new readers looking for a devotional to guide them into a deeper awareness of their identity as a child of God.

Books > Theology > Social Justice

Essential Catholic Social Thought SECOND EDITION
Author/Artist: BRADY BERNARD V
ISBN-10: 1626982449
ISBN-13: 9781626982444
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$89.95
Description: Revised and expanded, this rigorous and comprehensive review of Catholic social teaching includes excerpts of crucial documents and up-to-date analyses of the latest encyclicals. Designed for the college classroom, this text presents the principles of Catho­lic social thought, describes their his­torical development, and includes abridged ex­cerpts of all relevant documents. Each chapter also includes study-discussion questions and reflections from the Catholic tradition.

Books > Theology > Theology Books

Holy Spirit Setting the World on Fire
Author/Artist: LENNAN RICHARD (ED)
ISBN-10: 0809153440
ISBN-13: 9780809153442
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$49.99
Description: This book helps readers grow in awareness of the Holy Spirit's presence and movement in their lives. Richard Lennan and Nancy Pineda-Madrid have brought together faculty members of Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry to reflect on the Holy Spirit in light of their own particular expertise and grounded in the discipline and/or field of their study - scripture, systematic theology, pastoral ministry, ethics, history, and spirituality. The book is organised in three parts: the first attends to how we become of aware of the Holy Spirit's active and constant presence in our lives; the second considers how the tradition has identified the Holy Spirit's movement among us; and the third explores various ways in which we have responded to the Holy Spirit.

Music > Music Books > Music Books

We Are One MUSIC
Author/Artist: LANE DREW & FRIENDS
Publisher: Butterfly Music Australia
Price: AU$20.00
Description: We Are One features a wide range of songs suitable for primary schools: rousing songs for entrance and recessionals - We Are One, Legacy, The Call; for reflection - He Is There, Inspired By Faith; for teaching - Rainbow Over Creation, Noah; for graduation and Christmas - Go With God, At Christmas Time We Sing; and some that are just fun - Who's Got Your Hand?.

Music > Music CDs > Children's CDs

We Are One CD
Author/Artist: LANE DREW & FRIENDS
Publisher: Butterfly Music Australia
Price: AU$25.00
Description: Track listing:
1. We Are One
2. All Part Of God’s Creation
3. Let Your Light Shine
4. He Is There
5. God Loves Me
6. Legacy
7. Glory Be
8. Come To The Altar
9. Noah
10. The Call
11. Inspired By Faith
12. Called To Be Mercy
13. Rainbow Over Creation
14. Go With God
15. At Christmas Time We Sing
16. Who’s Got Your Hand?
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