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Books > Biographies > Biographies

A Gentle Unfolding Circling and Spiralling into Meaning
Author/Artist: SCULLY JUDITH
ISBN-10: 1863551689
ISBN-13: 9781863551687
Publisher: David Lovell Publishing
Price: AU$24.95
Description: The years following the Second Vatican Council were critical ones in the development of the Catholic Church. Many of the sisters, brothers and priests who left religious life at that time moved into occupations and lifestyles that drew upon their earlier formation and education. A Gentle Unfolding is the story of one of those who left, a story about a vocation that was never lost, that keeps on unfolding through the circles and spirals of this one woman's life.

Judith was a toddler when World War II began. Her memorabilia box overflows with bits and pieces from her years as a religious sister teaching on Aboriginal settlements, marriage, parenting five children, running a general store, the untimely death of her husband, and nearly two decades as a pastoral associate in Catholic parishes. Judith built on the formation and education she had received in religious life, giving it a breadth and focus that was different. That experience fuelled her passion to affirm the way women live out their spirituality in the ordinariness of everyday.

Books > Children > Children's Books

Children in Our World Poverty and Hunger
ISBN-10: 1526300540
ISBN-13: 9781526300546
Publisher: Hachette Livre
Price: AU$19.99
Description: This series helps children make sense of the larger issues and crises that dominate the news in a sensitive and appropriate manner. With relatable comparisons, and carefully researched text, children can begin to understand what poverty and hunger are, how they affect people in countries all over the world and how readers can help those affected. The striking and sensitive illustrations help children visualise the people and situations impacted by poverty and hunger with images that are suited to their age and disposition.

Children in Our World Racism and Intolerance
ISBN-10: 1526300532
ISBN-13: 9781526300539
Publisher: Hachette Livre
Price: AU$19.99
Description: This series helps children make sense of the larger issues and crises that dominate the news in a sensitive and appropriate manner. With relatable comparisons, carefully researched text and striking illustrations, children can begin to understand what racism and intolerance are, how they affect children, adults and daily life, and how readers can help.

Books > Faith Formation > The Catholic Faith

This Is Our Faith A Catholic Catechism for Adults REVISED
ISBN-10: 1594718415
ISBN-13: 9781594718410
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$32.95
Description: This revised edition strengthens one of the strongest endorsements of the book: that it communicates important Church teachings in an engaging and understandable manner. Revised and updated in collaboration with longtime RCIA leaders, this new edition has been refreshed with two new chapters, with language and style more in line with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and with updated cultural and historical references. Discussion questions and suggestions for additional reading are included for RCIA and parish adult-education groups wishing to explore Church teachings in a group environment.

Books > Narrative > Narrative

Etiquette with Angels Selected and New Poems
ISBN-10: 186355176X
ISBN-13: 9781863551762
Publisher: David Lovell Publishing
Price: AU$24.95
Description: Born in Old South Wales, at the age of thirteen Andrew Bullen was diagnosed with cancer, resulting in the amputation of his right leg. His family moved to Australia in 1964 and he joined the Jesuits in 1967. Along with the usual priestly training he finished an Arts degree at Monash University followed by an MA that focused on religious poetry in Australia.

His interest in literature has found expression in his poetry. As well as literature, he finds inspiration in the everyday objects of religion - scripture, saints, places of pilgrimage and religious art and artefacts - and in his own experience. Andrew writes about the strangeness of life and of the exigencies and blessings of living with a handicap. He sings of the gift of human frailty, by which we 'learn that only the skills of gentleness / and tender humour ... can meet the dark'. Humour is there aplenty, as well as loving observations of the everyday and of the exotic, and a delight in travel and in art.

Books > Psychology > Ageing

Ageless Soul An Uplifting Meditation on the Art of Growing Older
Author/Artist: MOORE THOMAS
ISBN-10: 1471163695
ISBN-13: 9781471163692
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Price: AU$32.99
Description: Ageless Soul reveals a fresh, optimistic and rewarding path towards ageing. Renowned psychotherapist Thomas Moore shows us that as we grow older we become more distinctive and complex. Drawing on stories from his practice as a psychotherapist and teacher, Moore argues for a new vision of ageing and shows readers how to embrace the richness of the experience and how to feel fulfilled as they grow older.

Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books

30 Questions and Answers About Christian Meditation: The Path to Contemplative Prayer
Author/Artist: HARRIS PAUL
ISBN-10: 2896883703
ISBN-13: 9782896883707
Publisher: Novalis
Price: AU$32.95
Description: We live in a noisy world filled with distractions. But we can all find stillness and silence in contemplative prayer when we pour our energy, time and love into this age-old practice. What is Christian Meditation? Why should one meditate? Why is silence important in our life and in the practice of meditation? These are just three of the 30 questions found in this practical and thoughtful book. Whether you are exploring Christian Meditation for the first time, meditate regularly, or are returning to this spiritual practice, you will find useful information and inspiration here to motivate and guide you on this journey to the heart of God.

Books > Theology > Philosophy

Technology and Society A Philosophical Guide
Author/Artist: GERRIE JAMES
ISBN-10: 1554812801
ISBN-13: 9781554812806
Publisher: Broadview Press
Price: AU$49.99
Description: Technology and Society provides an up-to-date introduction to the basic issues that have come to define the philosophy of technology: What is “technology”? Does technology control our lives? What is technology’s relation to ethics? How does technology influence us? Is the widespread belief in technological progress justified? Later sections of the book examine the application of philosophy of technology to social issues such as climate change, urban sprawl, and automation. Major issues and arguments are presented in an accessible and non-technical fashion, giving the reader a firm foundation in the field.
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