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Books > Scripture > New Testament

The Apocalypse: The Perennial Revelation of Jesus Christ
ISBN-10: 1532666047
ISBN-13: 9781532666049
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Price: AU$69.95
Description: From the Introduction:

"The work that follows is not intended to be a commentary on the Apocalypse. There have been many such commentaries, reaching back into the earliest times of the Christian era. Some, especially during the Middle Ages, have been quite spectacular in their ingeniousness. Our modern era has seen a series of fine commentaries, applying all the criteria of a historical-philological analysis to this difficult book...What I have attempted to do here is to provide a continuous reading of the text, trying to show, especially through the links which can be made with the Old Testament tradition, the coherent and unified argument of the whole work...The reader will find that, despite my admiration for and debt to the older commentaries, I have introduced something quite new to the interpretation of the Apocalypse".

Eugenio Corsini was the Professor of Early Christian Literature at the University of Turin. He studied at the University of Turin; the Sorbonne, Paris; and the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome. His long list of publications are in the area aof the early Fathers of the Church.

Books > Scripture > Old Testament

The Liberating Path of the Hebrew Prophets: Then and Now
Author/Artist: WARD-LEV, NAHUM
ISBN-10: 1626983291
ISBN-13: 9781626983298
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$49.95
Description: In a time of social turbulence, Nahum Ward-Lev mines Biblical wisdom to illumine a way forward. His book explores the rich territory of liberating social change as articulated by the Hebrew prophets and lived by Biblical persons. Ward-Lev examines the development of these Biblical liberation themes in contemporary prophetic writers including Paulo Freire, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Martin Luther King, Jr.

In clarifying practices for the liberation journey, prioritizing reciprocal relationships, engaging in dialogue, exercising social and artistic imagination, and nurturing a love ethic in public life, his book empowers readers of all faiths and backgrounds to see through a prophetic lens and engage in prophetic action.

Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev received a Doctor of Divinity degree from Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles. For the past twenty years he has served as a rabbi and scholar in residence at Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, NM. He has lectured and delivered retreats throughout the U.S.

Books > Theology > Priesthood & Religious Life

Call No One Father Countering Clericalism in the Catholic Tradition
Author/Artist: HEASLY BERISE
ISBN-10: 0648497755
ISBN-13: 9780648497752
Publisher: Coventry Press
Price: AU$34.95
Description: In Call No One Father, Berise Heasly brings unique insights to her consideration of clericalism, based on many years as a professional educator and an informed Catholic layperson. She well understands that confronting clericalism head on will be insufficient to address its root causes and historical development. Rather, with skill and experience, she moves beyond exclusive binary (either/or) ways of thinking to suggest other, gentler approaches, encouraging more transparency and accountability, with soundly based recommendations for seminary formation and the ongoing education and formation of priests and ministers.

Her book is thoroughly based on the teaching, theology and insights of the Second Vatican Council with its emphases on renewal, the centrality of Scripture and the status of lay people as full members of the People of God. She recognises that much of clericalism is about power rather than service; about structures rather than communities; about maintenance rather than looking for new ways, new paradigms to keep alive the Jesus story and the importance for our time.

In the current situation, where many in the churches are demoralised and disheartened, Call No One Father provides a realistic appraisal, informed reflection, strategies for change and reformation, and above all, hope for the community called the Church.

Videos > DVDs > DVDs

An Astonishing Secret DVD
Author/Artist: O'LEARY, DANIEL
ISBN-13: 5031446770610
Publisher: Pauline Books Media UK
Binding: DVD
Price: AU$36.95
Description: In these ten video presentations, Daniel O’Leary offers precious and life-changing insights that introduce and explore further themes taken from the heart of his book. A radical new light is today being shed on that Moment of Love 2000 years ago, the Incarnation when God was revealed at the centre of humanity in the person of Jesus. And, long before that, on a much earlier astonishing moment when God first became incarnate in Creation itself.

Royalties from the purchase of this DVD go to the Charities of Daniel O’Leary’s choice.


1. Love Changes Everything
2. Theology Is a Love Story
3. The More Human We Are the More Divine We Become
4. Divinity In a Speck of Dust
5. The Look of Love
6. The Body is Beautiful
7. The Humanity of Jesus
8. Humanity and Nature through the Lens of Incarnation
9. The Home
10. The Bigger Picture
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