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Books > Schools > Teacher Development

Prayers and Reflections for Catholic Teachers 2019
Author/Artist: RENNIE ANN
ISBN-10: 1925073904
ISBN-13: 9781925073904
Publisher: John Garratt Publishing
Price: AU$34.95
Description: A perfect companion for busy teachers who are looking for inspirational prayers and reflections to use at school meetings, assemblies and in the classroom.

Prayers for the School Year is a collection of prayers and quotes, with reference to special days of remembrance and celebration for the 2019 Australian school year. In addition to traditional prayers, quotes from saints, mystics, key feast days and modern-day figures will be a unique feature of this selection of prayers that is sure to engage any listener in contemplation.

The prayers have been exclusively compiled and selected for teachers and include contemporary Christian prayers, days of the school year with major feast days and the liturgical readings for Year C.

Books > Scripture > New Testament

Mary of Magdala: Revisiting the Sources
ISBN-10: 0809154218
ISBN-13: 9780809154210
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$44.99
Description: The authors place in perspective some of the most ancient writings regarding Mary of Magdala, including the four gospels and other writings from the second to the fourth centuries and examine how the evolution of Mary was viewed and impacted the status of women in the Church.

In part 1, New Testament scholar Marinell Perroni analyses the places of Mary Magdalene in the Gospels and debunks the modern understanding of the twelve apostles by pointing out that the women who followed Jesus were part of a discipleship of equals. In part 2, Cristina Simonelli examines the evidence in post-scriptural and patristic writings.

Books > Scripture > Old Testament

A Basic Guide to the Old Testament
Author/Artist: SKA, JEAN-LOUIS SJ
ISBN-10: 0809154048
ISBN-13: 9780809154043
Publisher: Paulist Press
Price: AU$36.99
Description: A simple tool for a first reading of the Bible that answers the first questions posed by the reader who has little familiarity with the Bible and helps with a critical reading of the Bible.

Father Ska SJ explains the origins of the Old Testament, from the Pentateuch through the Historical Books that tell the story of the people of Israel as they go from conquest in the Book of Joshua to the establishment and history of their kingdom, to the Exile, and through the writings of the prophets. The Wisdom books, Psalms, and the Song of Songs are also covered.

This basic survey will help new readers to see the books of the Old Testament in context and thus avoid the problems that arise when the text is taken literally.

Books > Spirituality > Lent & Easter Books

All I Have is Yours: Forty Days to Freedom
ISBN-10: 1925073882
ISBN-13: 9781925073881
Publisher: John Garratt Publishing
Price: AU$8.95
Description: Lent is a time for repentance, spiritual growth and reflection.The forty days of Lent prepare us to celebrate again the death and resurrection of Jesus, the heart of our faith and the source of our freedom. Throughout that time we too pray for the kind of freedom that allows God to work in our lives and the world: freedom from fear, freedom to forgive and, above all, freedom to love.

Author, Michael McGirr, asks us to consider that choosing what we do in our lives is really about choosing the kind of people we want to be. His selection of readings, gospel, prayers and personal reflections are underpinned by commentary that questions and prompts the reader, offering a Lenten program that will nourish and encourage important conversation.

Inspiring photography and design enhance the reflections and highlight key teaching points and question prompts.

Give Up Worry for Lent!: 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ
Author/Artist: ZIMAK, GARY
ISBN-10: 1594718814
ISBN-13: 9781594718816
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$28.95
Description: Catholic author and self-described “recovering worrier” Gary Zimak combines practical spirituality, daily scripture readings, and simple action steps to help you kick the worry habit as part of your Lenten renewal. He shows you how to let go of the anxiety-producing areas of life in order to find the lasting peace that comes from trusting God.

During the season of Lent, Catholics and other Christians frequently give up something they enjoy as a measure of penance or self-discipline—and often fall back into old habits at the first “Alleluia!” In Give Up Worry for Lent!, Zimak offers fellow worriers practical, scripture-centered advice on how to relinquish the need to control the uncontrollable—not just for Lent but for good—and how to find peace in Christ.

From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, Zimak guides you to ponder a scripture passage and to apply it to your own life by following four simple steps:


As you continue to meditate on scripture and practice the simple action steps at the end of each reflection, you will find it easier to replace old worries with new messages of hope and to change your life forever.

Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books

Wisdom From Pope Paul VI
ISBN-10: 0819883778
ISBN-13: 9780819883773
Publisher: Pauline Books Media USA
Price: AU$19.95
Description: On the occasion of Pope Paul VI's canonisation, this pocket-size volume provides readers with an introduction to this often-misunderstood pope whose words and actions have proven to be bold and prophetic for those who wish to follow the way of the Lord. Taken from a wide array of his talks, they highlight what it means to be a disciple today. The book also includes a wonderful collection of prayers from the new saint, as well as original prayers from the compiler paired with each meditation, and a brief contemporary biography.

Books > Theology > Priesthood & Religious Life

Envisioning the Future of Consecrated Life: Its Beauty and Challenge During These Troubled Times
ISBN-10: 1545654867
ISBN-13: 9781545654866
Publisher: Xulon Press
Price: AU$30.95
Description: Rembrandt Harmenzoon van Rijn is considered the greatest visual Dutch artist of his time because his paintings evoke emotion and motive. Inside Envisioning the Future of Consecrated Life: Its Beauty and Challenge During these Troubled Times, author Eileen Jaramillo features this painter's biblical art to stir the reader into deep thought about the person of Christ, the universal call to respond to a world in turmoil, and the particular charism of women and men religious within that framework.

Women and men religious are consecrated in a special way because they have committed themselves to the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience. This is radical living of the life of Christ within the world. Here, the author addresses the challenges that are as much a part of the lives of religious as they are for others, secularism, injustice, poverty, and the environment, while also highlighting the distinctive Spirit-centered charism of women and men religious as the foundation for their particular response to these challenges.

It is well known that the number of Catholic nuns, sisters, brothers, and priests has declined since the 1960s. Using statistics from the Center for the Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), the author looks at that decline along with the way women and men religious are re-envisioning their lives through mergers, unions, and reorganizations. Furthermore, Jaramillo offers insight into new religious communities that are coming into existence and the new form of consecrated life that is emerging.

Envisioning the Future of Consecrated Life gives voice to what younger sisters are saying about the future. In these pages, the beauty of consecrated life resonates while the challenges are not ignored.

Books > Theology > Theology Books

For the Life of the World: Theology that Makes a Difference
ISBN-10: 1587434016
ISBN-13: 9781587434013
Publisher: Brazos Press
Price: AU$41.95
Description: The question of what makes life worth living is more vital now than ever. In today's pluralistic, post-secular world, universal values are dismissed as mere matters of private opinion, and the question of what constitutes flourishing life, for ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet as a whole, is neglected in our universities, our churches, and our culture at large. Although we increasingly have technology to do almost anything, we have little sense of what is truly worth accomplishing.

In this provocative new contribution to public theology, world-renowned theologian Miroslav Volf and Matthew Croasmun explain that the intellectual tools needed to rescue us from our present malaise and meet our new cultural challenge are the tools of theology. A renewal of theology is crucial to help us articulate compelling visions of the good life, find our way through the maze of contested questions of value, and answer the fundamental question of what makes life worth living.

Music > Music CDs > Children's CDs

Hi God 7 CD
Publisher: OCP Publications
Price: AU$32.99
Description: HI GOD 7 continues the tradition of HI GOD through the enthusiasm and energy of young people's voices, expressing their faith through singable melodies. Its songs emphasise the words of Jesus: "Love one another as I have loved you," always with a sense of music as prayer.

Songs for Seasons
Many of these compositions mesh perfectly with moments of meditation in the liturgical year.
- "God-with-Us Forever" is an Advent hymn that works well with both a children's choir or entire assembly. It is ideal for the offertory or Communion rite, but fits with any moment of worship as well.
- "Born to Be Our Savior" is an upbeat and joyous song that can be sung during mass around Christmastime. However, it can serve as the spotlight arrangement for a child's Christmas pageant.
- "We Are the Light of Christ" is a powerful song of devotion and dedication to the following of Jesus. It shows the commitment of faith and the unification of Christians, especially during Easter, Pentecost and Confirmation ceremonies.

Communion for Young and Old
Some of the songs have been composed for children during First Communion or the Communion rite as a whole. "Jesus Come to Us," "Jesus, You Are Present" and "Love is the Best Gift," all serve as reminders of our joining in the name of Christ. And for younger parishioners, these songs will grow in their hearts as they embark on their personal journey through the church.

The CD has instrumental versions of the music so you can sing along!
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