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What Keeps Us Catholic 35 Reasons to Feel Good about Our Faith
Category: Books > Faith Formation > The Catholic Faith
Author/Artist: DALEY MIKE
ISBN / ID: 9781627853545
Publisher: Twenty Third Pub
Price: AU$32.95
Description: The world seems to be full of former Catholics. And we have heard the many reasons why people choose to leave. Maybe we have even felt some of these reasons in our own church experiences. Maybe we have thought about leaving the Catholic Church ourselves. So what keep us here? What keeps us Catholic? And what nudges some former Catholics to think of returning home?

In this engaging book, Mike Daley answers these questions in ways that are sure both to affirm our commitment and inspire new hope in our Catholic faith community. By reflecting on topics like community, saints, prayer, Mass, parish, school, humour, sacramentality, and many more topics, the author helps us see why this big, imperfect, but beautiful church of ours remains so important in our lives.
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