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Holy Wind Holy Fire Finding Your Vibrant Spirit Through Scripture
Category: Books > Spirituality > Spirituality Books
ISBN / ID: 9781627853170
Publisher: Twenty Third Pub
Price: AU$29.95
Description: We all want our lives to be brighter, more meaningful, and more sacred. We express this need in many different ways, but in each case what we really want is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. When this Spirit is with us and in us, we can expect to be living confidently, vibrantly, resolutely.

But who is this Holy Spirit? How can we get to know and draw closer to this Third Person of the Holy Trinity, who has the power to transform us and give us a share in the very life of God? We experience who the Spirit is by seeing what the Spirit does, and in this beautiful book the author invites us into a wonderful journey through the Old and New Testaments to catch glimpses of the Spirit at work.

Reading, reflecting, and praying with this book will help to re-energise and reawaken us to the energy and joy that only the Holy Spirit can give.
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