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Image of the Unseen God Catholicity Science and Our Evolving Understanding of God
Category: Books > Theology > Environmental Theology
ISBN / ID: 9781626982598
Publisher: Orbis
Price: AU$54.95
Description: What does it mean to be “made in the image and likeness of God”? How has the world talked about God over the ages? What do the life and teachings of Jesus say about the nature of God? Do the “new sciences” diminish or affirm Christianity’s understanding of God?
Through the lens of “catholicity,” an aware­ness of our fundamental wholeness in God, Fr. Hosinski surveys our evolving understandings of God, casting light on our knowledge of the universe as revealed in physics, cosmology, and biology, particularly the theory of evolution. Here is a holistic understanding of God com­patible with the implications of contemporary science that, remarkably, advances an under­standing that is harmonious with the implica­tions of Jesus’ own life and teachings.
“A clear and sensitive justification of process philosophy’s relevance to contemporary Catholic theology.” John F. Haught
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