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What Matters Most Empowering Young Catholics for Life's Big Decisions
Category: Books > Ministry / Parish Life > Ministry Books
ISBN / ID: 9781594718076
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Price: AU$33.95
Description: What if we taught young people that they can measure success by how they follow Christ rather than by how much money they make or where they go to college? In What Matters Most, University of Notre Dame theology professor Leonard J. DeLorenzo urges youth ministers, teachers, and parents to help young people redefine success in light of their call to discipleship, by saying yes to God. In Luke's account of the Annunciation, Mary offers a true model of discipleship for young people to follow. Her example will empower them to make choices about how to live their lives as a courageous yes to God.

"Leonard DeLorenzo...beautifully demonstrates how a Christian culture, with its way of seeing the world, is necessary to liberate us from the anxious narratives of our time and glimpse God's way of being, which we are constantly invited to share. I am grateful for this book. It has taught me much." Rev Timothy Radcliffe, OP
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